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  1. FrankWV

    Finishings and such

    I really appreciate your reply. This is great info! I have been doing leatherwork for about 18 months and I really enjoy the designing process along with the assembly. I just dont look forward to the leather finish.. I even enjoy rhw burnishing part... just not the top finish of the flat surfaces. So, would it be wise to finish the pieces with the resolene solution before assembly, or would it be okay to do afterwards? Maybe a resolene diluted dipping method?
  2. FrankWV

    Finishings and such

    Ill just get right to it. First.. if I am using an 8-9 Herman Oak veg tan leather, dyed with pro dye, do I need to also apply neetsfoot? Usually my process goes: Dip Pro dye, neetsfoot, leather balm (with atom wax) and then beeswax I have tried resolene, but didn’t research well and tried to apply straight out of the bottle. Knowing now, it needs to be diluted. On my wallets I used the same process, but with the leather balm, it actually pulled out an oily color after it dried. That is on 2-3 oz kipskin from Weaver. Second.. I have a real problem with dye rubbing off onto cash and cards with the wallets. Is it because it is kipskin? Tonight I tried applying leather sheen to the flesh side to prevent that from happening. Before that, I have tried rubbing until my arm is numb with little difference. Also, on the holsters, would I use the same technique as on a wallets flesh side to prevent bleeding? My main concern is the inconsistency. And then the amount of time I spend appying the leather balm, especially if it has no real benefit to these projects. Ideally, if I could get away using just the pro dye and beeswax, it would be great, but I’m not sure if that is okay? Thank you in advance! Frank