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  1. katit

    138W102 adjustments/questions

    Thanks for replies! @rk5n See picture. I'm sure it's needle bar. Post is OK, but distance between needle bar and feet bar is too big and "wear" line is about 3/8 out(arrow) when it's all way back. So yes, it's somehow got out of whack. I didn't touch any settings yet, want to start from beginning.
  2. katit

    138W102 adjustments/questions

    Hmm.. Anyone?
  3. To be precise it's about 138WSV102HP, but it shouldn't matter much for adjustments. After thorough cleanup I found that machine is out of adjustment. At least needle bar is not in tune as needle wants to hit about 1/2 in front of feed dog holes. I decided to start from beginning. Couple questions came up right away: 1. Belt is 1/3 off. It's on good on top, but in a bottom it want's to stay off. Any idea/suggestion on why and how to fix? 2. Alignment mark on bottom shaft is not present. Picture shows where I have eye at the top and I see only faint mark on a collar kind of corresponding to mark on a chromed bracket. Not even sure if it's a mark. Blue arrow on picture. Correct? 3. What is a procedure with stitch adjustment on this machine? I need to do that in order to do other adjustments but have no clue where 0, 8, etc is and how to operate it? I don't have dial on turn wheel like manual indicates. Machine from a factory, so it's probably preset.. I assume #1 and #2 loosening mechanism and #3 to do adjustments? Any tips? Like how many revolutions from MIN to 8spi, etc? Those are things that I have trouble with at a moment, all other adjustments look like regular 111 stuff explained in many places.
  4. katit

    I want to restore a Singer 111W153

    Very nice! I want to see it sewing
  5. Wow. Gauge set is 3x+ of machine cost 1) 138SET, 5/16” or 3/8” gauge complete gauge set for Singer 138 Walking foot $675 each For individual parts minus the feet: 1) 264102, 5/16” or 3/8” throat plate S138 $163 each 1) 264018, 5/16” or 3/8” feed dog S138 $116 each 1) 237181, 5/16” or 3/8” needle clamp/bar S138 $225 each
  6. katit

    Couple consew 206RB questions

    Thats a question. WHERE to mount lift on a table? Is dimension (shaft aligns with motor bolts) accurate? I prefer not to drill table many times if possible..
  7. katit

    Couple consew 206RB questions

    Wiz, all 3 pics different. I'm trying to understand in what position shaft have to be in relation to beak.
  8. katit

    Couple consew 206RB questions

    Ok, video helped. Now I know that shaft need to be on a same line with 2 motor bolts. Do I understand correctly that it should touch "beak" like on a picture? What position should I target for?
  9. katit

    Couple consew 206RB questions

    Mike, I kind of understand that, I just wasn't sure how precise "beak" and "bar" have to be positioned because of sizes and fact that machine can move a little from back to front. Main thing - you confirmed that this combo should work. I don't have to see how bar contacts "beak", but if you can post picture of lifter when machine tilted back - that would help a lot, I just want to understand how it's oriented once installed. No need to remove tray for that, no need to show contact of beak. Just picture of opening from a top. BTW, my tray is 3in deep (tray itself), so holes will have to be made in order to install it. I will have to remove tray, install lifter, then measure where holes will be. I was making new tray for another machine and made it 2in deep to clear lifter if needed.
  10. katit

    Couple consew 206RB questions

    Does anybody have a picture on how this knee lift (I got it) should press on this mechanism I got? I found videos and pictures but none show this exact mechanism like I got. I'm not even sure it's a correct combo as this place on machine is like 1/8 of inch thick, how should lifter on a picture push on it? Also what is the role of "stopper" ? It's another thingy on a shaft
  11. Had to glue in fillers and then do some routing but now all is well. Machine finally got "home". Now new problem - consew motor came with 2-piece rod which is short for normal height table!
  12. Machine is on a table finally. Did surface cleaning and lube. Now I see some things. 1. Machine is not used that much. All internals look good, no excessive screwdriver marks 2. Machine out of time. Both front feet and needle bar hitting about 3/8 in front of feed dog. Need adjustment. I wanted to take out feed dog but couldn't. Seems like I need to take at least left bobbin out, blue arrow shows where it's at. Right now my plan is to get it adjusted/running. Once I see it working - I will be trying to source parts for gauge change. It is 1/2 inch right now. I need 5/16 preferably or 3/8 Pictures show feet and throat plate/feed dog. Any clue on what they look like?
  13. katit

    Couple consew 206RB questions

    Picture doesn't show it. It's headless bolts, black not clear in picture. Front one almost flush, rear one about 1/16-1/32 deep.
  14. katit

    Couple consew 206RB questions

    My pan is just a piece of aluminum sheet that I made myself, yes it's just to catch oil drips. It's probably 4 inch deep, this knee lift probably won't fit "under". May have to make holes on front/back and put shaft inside.
  15. katit

    Couple consew 206RB questions

    Ok, I see. Holes on a back already have bolts in them, can't use. Front 2 holes might work, will have to think about it. As for knee lift looks like I need something like this. However, I'm not sure how this going to work since I got u-shaped metal pan covering bottom...