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  1. Price lowered - $800 for leatherworker members! Two machines!
  2. Used hand lifter, maybe thats why
  3. Can someone explain how it works? I got a hold of this machine and it's smooth as a butter. Sews great. However, specs say 1/2 foot lift and when I raise foot it's more like 3/8, not 1/2 So, did they come in different variations or it's an adjustment?
  4. Never finished a project, now 2 skivers for sale here. Didn't list in anywhere else, leatherworker members get a first dib.
  5. Hello! Just realized that I do not use those for anything that I am doing, hence for sale. Priced right at $1000 for both. Just those additional extra feet worth couple hundred.. I will not ship. First skiver is a box of parts - never got it assembled. But new belts, bearings, etc. Just need to be put together. This is my topic with pics of it Second skiver has table, motor and operational, can test it. Bunch of special attachments, sharpening stone, all comes with it. I bought second one as a "reference item" to assemble first one as I lost all my pics. Basically lost interest and need to free up space. Only 2 pictures because can't attach more.
  6. I actually look at it closely and it doesn’t look like perforation, more like indentations, not all way through
  7. Not sure if it's possible (I am sure it is) to DIY perforation? See pic of upholstery leather. I found very good color match but need it to be perforated (ideally) This going to be used on a steering wheel. Not much needed, so even if it's manual labor I'm OK with it, just need to know how it's done. Tool, technique, etc.
  8. Not me, I just happened to know those people. They need to have everything gone by end of month. I took some pictures of what they have as today. If anyone interested - just call them, they open 9 to 2pm Tue-Fri, call for appt. Machinery, leather, etc. (314) 997-4097 Some more pics
  9. Thank you! Are those considered collectible? I like to restore things, so I was wondering if I will lower it's value by refinishing/rebuilding. I think blade got couple nicks as well. So, to me looks like it needs new blade and complete overhaul. But I won't touch it if it's going to lower market value. I only have couple project for it and then going to sell it.
  10. Got this one, needs some cleaning, but in good working order. Someone took something through and bottom wheel got some damage (scrapes) which doesn't affect operation. So, what this machine good for? Belts? And what is a value of piece like that?
  11. Sorry, just noticed your reply. My post on page 1 from March 3 shows broken part (I had to order new one). This "fork" looking piece I thought it's pressed in but it's actually threaded. I tried to press it out and broke it. Other than that - there is no problem to remove it. Unscrew cap, then unscrew this "fork". I think one of them is left-hand threads
  12. Definitely not in rush completing this one. But new project requiring skiving came up and I'm back on a track. Will be even harder to remember what goes where but so far moving along. Did pre-assmebly of major components, bolted all that supposed to be painted together - together. Replacing all bearings, packing all with synthetic grease. Wait for paint to cure, scuff and do 2nd coat. I picked this darker color, not similar to original but I like it, looks nice in person.
  13. Thanks for replies! @rk5n See picture. I'm sure it's needle bar. Post is OK, but distance between needle bar and feet bar is too big and "wear" line is about 3/8 out(arrow) when it's all way back. So yes, it's somehow got out of whack. I didn't touch any settings yet, want to start from beginning.
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