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    3d printed a smaller pulley

    $3-4 shipped from China. Just ordered one yesterday. But I guess it's part of fun to DIY I do lot's of things that don't make any financial sense..
  2. I think I'm good now. I ordered 1 part I was missing..
  3. Nickel plating is a failure so far. I don't get even plating on parts. Corners/etc get plated and then it burns. And it's very slow. If someone got experience/knowledge please chime in. My current understanding is that I need to copper-plate first in order for nickel plating to "stick". Metal used for parts is not very friendly.
  4. katit

    Time capsule 206RB

    I will do some cleaning and lube first, then I’m going to go through all adjustments per book/video. Won’t even try to make a quick fix.
  5. katit

    Time capsule 206RB

    Yes, I first asked what model but then I just told the guy to tell me where to go to pick it up, worst case my guess would be wrong and I wouldn't take it... Had to work on his schedule.. He said there was 8 more people interested..
  6. katit

    Time capsule 206RB

    Yep. 91. But manual I found dates back to 78. So it's not even 30 year old yet Got needles, bobbins and motor on order. I think for the price machine deserves all of it. Yes, I'm going to replace grease and oil everything, will go over whole machine.. Sounds like machine wasn't used for business, just for hobby.
  7. katit

    Time capsule 206RB

    I just know they make 206RB-5 now. So, this one got to be pretty old. Maybe someone chimes in with more details on when they started to make those? Looks like new, but I would think at least 30+ years old?
  8. Btw, I don't think you need to have thread over this pin..
  9. Glenn, Thanks for feedback! It does look like 3/8 spacing but I didn't see it better. Also I measured spacing in car(s) seats that I like and it's 7-8mm which is slightly less. I'm pretty sure machine works, but there will be no way to test it. It turns, it's even threaded. But years and years of grime. No rust though from what I can tell. From what I know it was taken off the factory all working. So, SV (special version) can mean anything I guess? I only see top of the post rounded and I guess this part is special. What kind of other "special" stuff they did? I am guessing I can get it for 100-200 as is. Wanted to make sure I can get little more after it's cleaned/adjusted and working if I decide to get rid of it. Adding larger pic of the post..
  10. Some progress. All parts to be painted already stripped/cleaned and mostly primed. I use rustoleum bare metal primer, I think it's got acid for etching and my experience with it great so far. All rusty parts is actually acid cleaned, next I will do final degrease/acid and nickel plating. Overall it's a progress. Worst/hardest part is over. Inside of a main body was a PITA to clean. Piecing back clean/new parts should be easy/fun. The only thing is that from a factory it was painted after partial assembly. I may need to do the same because assembly happens metal to metal. I am going to prime top parts of a skiver lightly to prevent rust and then do partial assembly. Final paint will be with Valspar paint mixed with hardener and sprayed. This color should be pretty good match. I used this paint before and it dries very hard, has good gloss and very hardy. I may need to do some bondo on top/front of machine. There was about 1/16-1/32 from a factory to make it smooth/flat. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000LNV5UU/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  11. I think machine #1 is walking foot, second picture shows it.. and it’s correct gauge. Do you know what WSV in a middle means? HP at the end looks like “high post” Do you have any idea what is a good price for such machine will be? thanks a lot for all the info!! I really appreciate it
  12. Stopped by and checked those machines in person. My bad, they looked like walking foot but they are not? 1. Machine with laaarge post is 138WSV102HP. Seem to be complete and gauge looks right at ~1/3. This one also does look like walking foot. 2. Machine with smaller post is 138W101 3. Machine with single needle all complete/working 17-30 #1-2 is of interest to sew French seams in out of shape places, etc. Seems like machines of the same breed, however feet's look different and they are not walking foot. #3 is interesting because I can really get into any places I want with it. What is stich size and thickness capabilities? Is that a great machine? Guy used to be shoemaker and he really likes machine. Question is: What are those machines capabilities? I need to do about 6-8oz at most (2-3 layers of upholstery leather). Will they do it without walking foot? They look heavy duty but without walking foot, strange? Another question: Will I be able to get parts for those machines? Like gauge sets? Seconds machine does not have bobbin cover and hook, but those are standard.. Last question: Pretending they all were working when taken out of production and just covered in old dust/grime, what is fair/cheap market value? I want to make sure I can sell it quickly after I'm done.
  13. I barely remember how it looks, but it didn’t seem like posts were separate visually. It was just one wider post I hope someone experienced with those machines can chime in
  14. I didn’t pick it up yet. It is Singer, black. Looks exactly as 168w101 walking foot post bed but 2 needle. I don’t know model number but I guess it’s from the same time. It’s the same seller who I got 168w101 from
  15. Gregg, This is not PFAFF. Machine I will be looking at looks exactly as Singer 168w101 but it's got 2 needle. It's a post bed machine. Hopefully this one is not hard to find? As far as mechanicals - I think I will be fine. I did change time belt and completely retimed Consew 226R so I understand basics of those things.
  16. Yes, 3/8 or 10mm sounds about right. I have 5mm guide feet and accomplish french seams with those which very close to what's needed. I think depending on car it might be little smaller. In any case - I will try to get machine if it all works otherwise. Main point - gauge sets can be found/obtained if needed. Thanks you all!
  17. The way you guys explain it - makes total sense and I'm not scared of changing gauge set at all. I just did complete overhaul of similar single needle walking foot machine along with setting timing, hook, etc. So I get it. Most likely I will need only one gauge for what I want to do (car upholstery) Machine I will be looking at looks exactly as Singer 168w101 but it's got 2 needle. It's a post bed machine. My main problem/fear is that I won't be able to buy/find gauge set needed. I looked at machine very briefly, didn't recognize model # but it did look like 1/2 inch between needles which is little too much for what I need. So, if you know what that machine is and if it's using same gauge sets as any other similar Singer's...
  18. I see. So, if I do want to experiment and get my hands on one of those - unless "gauge" is what I need - it's probably useless machine, correct?
  19. Actually you can kind of see this pin sticking on back. And there is a hole in front (red arroows) And no, this is not original paint. I strip layers now and I see this greenish paint under this pale grenn/yellow.
  20. See picture attached of the area where you have "hook". Doesn't look like anything missing. I guess different construction? "small pin" I'm talking about is about 1/2 tall 1/8 pin sticking out right behind bolt on top. Don't have it pictures. If that bolt is for lamp - maybe that pin is a guide pin for specialized lamp/accessory. That would be my explanation.
  21. Placed an order with Campbell-Randall on broken part. 3 weeks wait, not that bad. Right belt cover is not available, so will go without. So I got 3 weeks to get everything else ready/painted/prepped.
  22. Yes, machines look identical with very slight differences. Obviously labels differ. I like yours better I am awaiting response from Campbell Randall. Seems like "Manufacturers Supply" was like a franchise? Same font, same 2 words. But our skivers say "Saint Louis" and manual you attached above says "Campbell Randall" So, left cover is a good thing. I got this diamong thingy, wasn't sure what it's for. So it's a keeper. I will not have separate table. I'm going to reuse my sewing machine table and just make adapter so I can "insert" skiver into the same opening and use sewing machine motor. I do have guide rod and knob. They are just rusted and you can't really see on a picture. It's in Pile #2 on picture attached. So, #1 is cleaned in kerosene and sprayed with WD40 (lesson learned, for some reason metal rusts very good after kerosene dries out). Those are all moving parts, all will be cleaned and lubed before assembly. #2 is pile of bolts and small rusted parts which I'm going to nickel plate #3 is bigger parts which will be sanded/acid cleaned and spray painted along with main casings. Also, on your picture I quited - there is black "hook" showing. I don't have it. I have small knob which pulls on rod with spring. I guess it's the same part but looks different. And question. What IS that bolt on very top of machine? It's right where top cas arm bends and it's got thick washer. I got regular bolt and you got allen head bolt. Seems to be just a bold going into case iron. There is also small pin sticking out behind. Do you know what is the purpose of it?
  23. katit

    Singer 111W153 presser foot lift height

    Watch this excellent video at 3:12
  24. katit

    Singer 111W153 presser foot lift height

    I read somewhere that foot lift adjustment is one of those things like thread tension. It may need to be adjusted on a fly for material you are sewing, it's not one time set and forget deal. So, having a gap might be OK if you deal with thick material all the time.
  25. Thanks! I also reached out to part supplier on this, they say it may have to be special ordered, and they will be letting me know today when/how much. Ordered 10ft of 3L belting. Will see how strong it holds. Maybe it will work for sewing machines as well?