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  1. Do you know approximately what time 206RB-5 manufacture started? Just trying to estimate age.. Also, I asked to show how slow machine can go and also motor controllable - it had trouble starting through thick fabric on lowest speeds because of lack of torque. I assume speed reducer still needed. Or is there newer servo motors which will start and go slow through automotive leather? I know if I go with this machine some upgrade will be needed, just not sure what is the best way
  2. Visited local Nick-O store. They have used 206RB-5 with "Tokyo, Japan" on badge, I guess they made some of those in Japan? Looks very decent cosmetically (no scratches on machine, like new) .. They want $1000 and it's got older 1/2hp servo
  3. Uwe, please check your messages
  4. I also found some info that it's better design. True/false? What machines from our list have top mounted bobbins?
  5. Still looking and learning as much as I can. Right now decision is to wait for great deal on used and if nothing by end of August - go with new. Probably P1206RB or Seiko. While watching and reading I noticed some machines have bobbin under machine in front and some machines have it on top. Question: which is better/easier? out of machines I watch used: 206, 211/111, 562/563, 545/1245 which one is which?
  6. katit

    Fortuna Skiver Questions

    Have you bought this machine? Wonder what is the acceptable price as well...
  7. Bottom is not a problem for what I need. Need to make sure top is not marked
  8. Thanks! Markings on leather is a nono for me. I see few of those machines around with much higher prices but seems like it’s now what I need
  9. Hm. What about this machine? Couple hundred miles.. https://peoria.craigslist.org/for/d/juki-sewing-machine/6643821166.html
  10. You can quickly google them. $1300 might be my bad, it's more when all completed. But there is new head for $1150 for example. Bottom line - they can be had cheaper than 206-RB5 and if they truly the same and made in Japan - probably better deal..
  11. I made an offer, seller said he will wait and try to get full price for it but will get back to me if nothing happen. I figured for work that need to be done + Servo motor $400 is probably right price. Yes, it seems like this machine was sitting for a while with all that patina(rust?)
  12. Seiko I mentioned available online brand new
  13. Floyd, thanks. what “two bills” means? Never heard this phrase before
  14. I think it’s very helpful what you do. Knowing price points like this can make one feel great when better deal found
  15. OOH-vuh Doing more reading and found your post about new Consew 206RB-5 vs Seiko counterpart. If I want quality made in Japan - I can just get this Seiko for $1300 or so, then top range you posted ($1200) for used 206RB-2 kind of pointless, no?
  16. Machine is from owner, not from shop. No patina/rust which is good sign for me. Other than that - it's lottery anyway. But at least this one is not some basement stored for ages machine
  17. What would be a good price for good confition 206RB-2 with sewquiet 3000 dc motor?
  18. So, the only way to try and find one used would be monitoring all sewing machines and looking at clues, then checking specs by model. I mean in general you can tell by look that it's NOT walking foot for sure.
  19. I'm sure it's possible, just not sure I need to settle with lack of reverse when choosing machine. To put it in perspective - my granpa was sewing leather coats (with fur) for living. I know it was Singer machine circa 1930. I know it was manual drive. I know it's not walking foot. And he was very good and did great job with this machine. I think it had modded spring to sew leather. But reading more about all that I think he did a lot with very little.
  20. I afraid for car upholstery turning 180 degree will not be practical. There is bigger awkward pieces and sewing padding to them, etc. Locking need to be done a lot. I can see when doing belts/holsters it can be done by hand but with lot's of seams it will get old soon
  21. Lots of good input. Can you clarify on "reverse" feature? Longer forward stitch means reduced reverse, what does it mean? I can't sew through the same hole going backwards? Or I can't sew backwards at all? My rationale is this: If stitch visible and need to be presentable I probably won't do reverse anyway. For stitching on a back it doesn't matter how I lock, correct? Can you give me basic input on Pfaff machines to look for? I know it's 545, but there is 1245? And others I assume? What numbers I should look for? Are they all made in Germany? On Singers, as long as it's 111 or 211 it will work for me, correct? I did more studying on motors and now I think differently. I'm sure I can manage clutch. I just feel like I'm going to hate motor spinning all the time, thats probably bigger issue - noise.
  22. I hear you and part of me wants this... any comment on Singer value I posted above?
  23. Hehe. My BMW is not that old by sewing machine standards it’s 94. And it’s got reverse I watched most of the Cechaflo videos, he uses reverse to lock seams from what I can tell. He got pfaff but I know I need servo and he got clutch. I probably never going to reach high speeds but seeing how scary fast those machines I rather go slow
  24. The guy just posted pics. Considering servo motor will be a must for me what would be a great no brainer price? https://stlouis.craigslist.org/tls/d/singer-walking-foot-sewing/6641290524.html
  25. It's about as much as new 1206 and not sure about this model features, 255rb vs 206rb? Another thing is that machine have clutch and I will have to go about replacing it right away bringing price up even more.. Plus it's couple hours of driving and seems like this is a dealer Nick-O sewing(will charge sales tax ) This one is close by, seller will post pics later, It is a 211 G 156 Walking foot with reverse and set up to sew leather and other thick heavy materials https://stlouis.craigslist.org/tls/d/singer-walking-foot-sewing/6641290524.html But I think I do need reverse on machine and seems like old Singers don't have it?