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  1. There is also a great walk-through video on Youtube that covers most of the normal things you'd want to do on a 206
  2. Thanks a million! This really does the trick.
  3. Colt - thanks for the offer to take some photos of the wick placement in the top of a Consew 206 - hoping this reminder will spur you to action!

  4. Thanks Greg - I appreciate your help. What this doesn't help me understand is how to situate the wick in relationship to the moving parts inside the machine. Really hoping that someone stumbles across the post and can take a picture.
  5. WeekendHobby

    Cow and Bison backpack

    I'm very appreciative for your taking the time to do this - I can get the sizes and everything from the cutting mat - great idea! Thanks! Tom
  6. I'm later to respond - but I'd really appreciate your help! Thanks
  7. Hi - I'm hoping that someone with a Consew 206 would be willing to photograph the wick in the top of their machine to help me with the installation of a new one. My 206 RB-2 was acting a little odd and I realized that the wick at the top of the machine was in pretty bad shape. The machine runs great if I open up the top and oil it but the wick needs to be replaced. I know where to buy the wick but I can't find a threading diagram anywhere so I don't know where to put the new wick when I install it. I'd really appreciate any help that you can offer. Thanks!
  8. WeekendHobby

    Cow and Bison backpack

    Thanks - I'd appreciate the starting point!
  9. WeekendHobby

    Cow and Bison backpack

    This looks really nice - I like the way you've approached the problem. Any chance you would be willing to share your pattern?
  10. WeekendHobby

    Inline Cowboy presser feet on Cowboy CB4500

    Thanks Wiz - I don't know why I did not think to look at the parts diagram for a better understanding of the components. Lesson learned!
  11. WeekendHobby

    Inline Cowboy presser feet on Cowboy CB4500

    Thanks Floyd - this has the process for adjusting the height of the lift (via the banana adjuster) but what I need to do is remove a gap underneath the outer presser foot. Right now, when the foot is down, there is a 2mm gap between the bottom of the foot and the throat plate. Since there are different heights for the different throat plates I assume there is some way to raise or lower the entire rod but I'm nervous to start lostening bolts without knowing what they're for ;-) Tom
  12. WeekendHobby

    Inline Cowboy presser feet on Cowboy CB4500

    Wiz - I'm looking for some information about how to make this kind of adjustment (my outer foot is too high on my Artisan 4000) - can you point me at any references?
  13. WeekendHobby

    Edge Guide for Consew 225 (and clones)

    I've had great success with the Harbor Freight magnetic tool holder (https://www.harborfreight.com/18-in-magnetic-tool-holder-60433.html). I put the magnet side down on the table and the metal edge won't budge for anything. Putting it too close to the needle makes the feed dogs hit the metal edge but that was quickly solved with a few minutes on the grinder...
  14. WeekendHobby

    Free Leather Books And Patterns.

    FWIW, the original site seems to have moved - the links might work at archive.org For example - the first link is broken: http://ia700302.us.archive.org/16/items/leathercraftfora006855mbp/leathercraftfora006855mbp.pdf but this link works. So far I've been able to get all the books this way. https://archive.org/details/leathercraftfora006855mbp
  15. WeekendHobby

    center of flap folding up

    The answer might be as simple as moving the snap seats further apart on the body so that the top piece is naturally pulled flat. If the buckling goes away by gently pulling the cover it might do the trick.