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  1. He just wrote to me and said what the press costs. It's $375 for the press. I'm trying to workout the details of having dies made.
  2. Not looking to buy anymore. Got a response from Dan Byler. Expect that it may take a month for him to get back to you
  3. Hi I tried sending Dan Byler a letter directly to have him build me one. It's been three weeks never got a response. I'm interested in buying used also if anyone has one for sale. thanks, Will
  4. Does anybody know if He still sells this self-centering punch? I sent him a letter a little over a week ago, no response. I read on the forum this is his current address, which is where I mailed to. Dan Byler 881 Ivory Road Frewsburg Ny 14738
  5. Do any of you guys or gals use a semi-tubular rivet with a back side washer? If so do you know of anyone that sales the rivet and washer as a set? See the six rivets in the example image where the leather is folded for the buckle. www.all-about-pitbull-dog-breed.com/bmz_cache/9/92f5f8979e93e74bb6b3383ef7b99e9d.image.550x550.jpg
  6. Yeah... Seems strange to me that people love this dye and don't have this issue. I have some Fiebing's "Leather Dye" not " Pro-Dye" coming so I'm going to give that a try and see if my results are better. I guess I could always mix the Pro-Dye with lemon juice and run it through a coffee filter... but that seems silly to me
  7. Hello. I’m having some difficulty using Pro Dye. I’ve only tried Light Brown, Dark Brown, and Saddle Tan. But with each color I get black spec's/dots on the surface of the leather. You can see it in the first picture, looks like shadowing, but at eye level you can see it's very tiny black specs. This makes the leather look much darker than the intended color. However sometimes the dots are more densely grouped and they look like black streaks or blotches. When I flex the leather spreading the fibers out, you can see the desired color. You might be able to see that in this next picture. So that confirmed to me that this was just a buildup on the surface, so by the recommendation of this forum I used “lemon Juice” and it worked to clean the dark spots off the leather, but it took a lot of elbow grease and I don’t like how much it stressed the surface of the leather. As an experiment I mixed two parts lemon juice to one part Pro Dye and all these little black specs separated from the Fiebing's Saddle Tan Pro Dye, swirling the mixture caused the black specs to collect on the edge of the bowl. Seen in this next picture. I then used the mixture now mostly free of the black specs to dye a small piece of leather and it looked perfect. I don’t understand why there are these black particles in the dye. Seen in the next picture, and honestly it looks better than the picture.
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