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  1. How is the flexibility of Wyosheen or the original Neat Lac once applied. Any issue with it cracking or peeling if repeatedly flexed or bent as would happen with belts and holsters?
  2. I primarily use a product from Montana Pitch Blend. Performance means a lot more to me than just appearance. Like you I’m not a fan of coating leather with plastic. Montana pitch blend has two products. One is just mink oil with pine pitch, the second makes it into a thick paste by adding beeswax.
  3. Just looking to make sure the checkering is fairly aggressive. A lot of tools are done with the checkering being nothing more than decoration. I'll probably try to give Henley a call in the morning to get some pricing from them.
  4. As we all know the checkering on tooling varies between manufacturers a lot. How would you say the checkering compares on swivels knives from Henley vs King?
  5. Trying my hand at tooling again. I’m completely self taught, and while Most of my projects over the past couple years have just have a border pattern stamped, this was my first carved project in 20 or so years. Definitely have more patience for it now. Second picture is one of a pair that I am working on that will also have a matching cartridge belt. I can pick out a number of spots for improvement, but each time it gets better.
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