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  1. From the library of: Superior Sewing Machine & Supply LLC ACCESSORIES ACCESSORIES SUPPLIED WITH 29K58 AND 29K62 MACHINES No. Instruction Book 50616E Machine Screw (for fastening Machine to Stand) SS418E Machine Screw (for fastening Machine to Power Table) 82833 Machine Screw Washer for use with SS418E 29 X 4 Needles (2 each, sizes 19, 21 and 22).
  2. the #5 vinymo is a 0.60 mm. thats little bigger than a size 138. Size 138 thread use's a 140/22 needle
  3. Teslabolt you may want to check out this post Ahhhh - Another Consew 206Rb - A Couple Rather Technical Questions
  4. Pin 25 is in the center of screw 24. take off the tension nut, and the tension sprinrg.remove the black tension disk. next look down the center of the screw that has a slot in it AKA #24. the #25 pin is that hole. corection not #24 it is #22
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