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  1. I have always used a flatbed, but am getting into shoes...What things should I consider when buying a post head machine? (ie what length of post?)...I am trying to figure out if I go with a simple one, or not that has bells and whistles. I make handbags and want to make shoes and boots. Thank you!
  2. Hi! Oh darn, well it's still available but I have someone asking about it tonight. Ill let you know if she takes it or not! my phone is 415-233-3884 if you’d like to discuss. thank you!
  3. Hello All! I recently moved cross country, and my new studio no longer has room for this industrial strap cutter machine by artisan. New was $1890, Im asking $950 OBO, willing to negociate! This is a workhorse if you make belts or need straps in any large quantities where manually is just too much. Model is AK-22 (see photos). I live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, pick only please Only thing missing is the plexiglass guard, as it got cracked in the move.
  4. Hi everyone this is SOLD! I'm sorry I can't figure out how to take this post down. Thanks for all of the messages! Kim
  5. Hello, I am selling my practically brand new bell knife skiver, punched 6 months ago for $1225, asking $800 OBO. I purchased it in San Francisco from Artisan sew, here is what I pulled from their website: "The NP-4 H is a Heavy Duty standard bell knife skiving machine designed to bevel the edges of leather hides and rubber. Included with the machine is a built-in bell knife sharpening system and an adjustable speed transmission." Local pick up only please...I can help you take the machine off the table for easier transport! It comes with a servo motor table. LIKE NEW! Kim
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