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  1. Hey y’all, I am north Texas and have two great machines for sale. Make me an offer! I wont take less than 2k for the skiver, its in perfect working order and less than 5 yrs old. Anyone who has been looking for this level of machine you know it’s a great deal! This site wont let me upload the pics but i can text them to you. Kim 415-233-3884 text or call for more info!
  2. Hey all I am in north texas. I am closing shop and selling my skiving machine and my sewing machine. Make me am offer! I wont sell the skiver for leas than 2k - its in perfect working order and less than 5 years old . Its a cambell randall. For some reason i cant attach pics . Msg me for more details!




    1. Northmount


      You can advertise these in the forum "Marketplace" under the appropriate sub-headings.  Posting them on my status won't get you the exposure that you are looking for.

      If your pictures are too big (large file size) you won't be able to post them.  Take a look at https://leatherworker.net/forum/topic/15122-how-to-post-pictures-on-lw/?do=findComment&comment=551171 for info on resizing pictures.  There are lots of suggestions and option in this thread.

  3. Hello all! I recently located to the Dallas/Fort Worth area. I do small leather goods (ie purses/wallets) and so far have been splitting all my leather using my skiver. I am stepping up production and can no longer afford to spend all my time splitting! I am looking for someone who offers splitting services in my area. Ideally you can split up to 22 inches wide, but I'll take whatever you can handle. Thanks in advance for any advice/help! Kim 415-233-3884
  4. I have always used a flatbed, but am getting into shoes...What things should I consider when buying a post head machine? (ie what length of post?)...I am trying to figure out if I go with a simple one, or not that has bells and whistles. I make handbags and want to make shoes and boots. Thank you!
  5. Hi! Oh darn, well it's still available but I have someone asking about it tonight. Ill let you know if she takes it or not! my phone is 415-233-3884 if you’d like to discuss. thank you!
  6. Hello All! I recently moved cross country, and my new studio no longer has room for this industrial strap cutter machine by artisan. New was $1890, Im asking $950 OBO, willing to negociate! This is a workhorse if you make belts or need straps in any large quantities where manually is just too much. Model is AK-22 (see photos). I live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, pick only please Only thing missing is the plexiglass guard, as it got cracked in the move.
  7. Hi everyone this is SOLD! I'm sorry I can't figure out how to take this post down. Thanks for all of the messages! Kim
  8. Hello, I am selling my practically brand new bell knife skiver, punched 6 months ago for $1225, asking $800 OBO. I purchased it in San Francisco from Artisan sew, here is what I pulled from their website: "The NP-4 H is a Heavy Duty standard bell knife skiving machine designed to bevel the edges of leather hides and rubber. Included with the machine is a built-in bell knife sharpening system and an adjustable speed transmission." Local pick up only please...I can help you take the machine off the table for easier transport! It comes with a servo motor table. LIKE NEW! Kim
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