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  1. I have put these up for sale elsewhere @ a bit less than $5 a tool, funny one chap keeps harping on to buy them but only wants a few, as if I am going to split a set like this, his point is he only wants the ones he don't have and can get a set off the net for $20, ok go buy them off the net for $20, my thing is buy the whole set and then you can resell those you don't want, I'm not letting someone pick the eyes out of the set like a crow on a sheeps head. Rockoboy I'm in Qld
  2. G'day Handstitched, Thanks for the info mate, that's about what I thought they may be worth All the tools are stamped Craftool Co USA .......EXCEPT the three non chromed tools, Sorry if it didn't read that way but I thought it was clear. I might lay then all out and take a pic showing the makers mark and number, or do up a list of the numbers. A fair few are a lot thicker in the shaft Cheers Aussieb1rd
  3. Hey Guys, Some time ago I bought some leather punches as I was thinking about trying my hand at belt making etc etc, I paid a heap for these Craftool Co USA punches, I am now looking to pass them on as they seem too valuable to damage using them on sterling silver as I also make jewellery. In all there are 129 punches and swivel knives, 126 are genuine Craftool Co USA and three are good quality but not chrome plated or with a makers mark. Just wondering if anyone can help me price these, I have seem some prices on the net and they usually state VINTAGE Craftool Co USA, yes I know they don't make them any more. Cheers AussieB1rd Here is a couple of pics
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