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    Thank you accepting me.

    Hello and Thank you excepting me into the Group. I have just acquired a 111W SV14 Industrial Singer sewing Machine. With stand/table and some other accessories. Assorted string, one needle and 6 different size scissors.. The machine was in a garage for 13 years that I know of. I acquired it from a 92 yr old lady who told me it was her husbands father machine. I have since cleaned it and re-oiled and greased it. I am waiting on a new timing belt which should be here tomorrow via USPS. The original one broke while I turned it by hand to make sure it was not locked up. Interesting way they made the timing belt back in the day. Looks to be a nylon string with three heavy wire clips per tooth. The closest machine to mine that I have found researching it is the 111W101. I have reconditioned the table lamp and string base for the spool tree. I have not touch the machine head except for cleaning and re-greasing it. The lacquer paint is chipped and scratched on the head but it is original and definitely shows it was a machine that was well used a lot in it's hay day. I would love to learn more about it. But we all know this SV model and many others have no records available. Would love to share pictures of my project, but Sorry my photos are to big to upload here. they are 2mb each or a little bigger. Thank you again Sam