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  1. Thanks you very much, had a lot of fun with it working on the gun belt next
  2. Hey guys, been awhile had got really busy with work so have not been making anything for about a year. Now have some more free time so decided to jump back into it with a western holster. It is 8 oz with 5 oz liner, stitched with all a linen thread and awl, made the pattern and all the lace myself. The color is not what I was looking for using fieblings low voc dies, it was supposed to be a light brown. So I am switching to pro dye to see if that helps. I have also included a photo of my very first western holster, it kinda cool to see the progress. Let me know what y'all think.
  3. Hey guys and galls, it has been awhile since posting here I became very busy with paramedic school but was able to finish that. So now I am back into leather working and my maiden voyage is to make a shoulder holster rig for my new 1911. My question is about lining your projects, for reference I tend to line my wallets, holsters, bags, and belts and radio straps I tend to line as well. I guess you could say I am going a little overboard on lining my projects. I always thought it made them look more professional and it allowed me to waterproof both the front and back of belts. I was reading articles on saddle makeing lately and noticed that they don't apply linings very much or at all. So to end this how do you decide what gets lined and what you leave alone, and do you think I should line the straps to this shoulder rig as it will be my first time doing one? Thank you
  4. Hey guys and gals, I have only made patterns for smaller stuff like holsters. I want to make myself a messenger bag but don't know where to start, I could buy the pattern on Etsy but it is like 30 dollars, I could buy a lot of leather for that. And also non of them really are what I am envisioning. So my question is how do I hand draw my own patterns and get the dimensions right so I don't waste leather. Any advice would be appreciated as makeing patterns this big are foreign to me.thank you for the replys
  5. Yeah I just lined up the edges and stitched. The strap that hooks to the belt behind the back is called a anti sway strap so when you bend forward the radio does not slide to the front, I did not use one for awhile but quickly realized the need for it ! Thanks ! I kinda call it snakeskin but now that I hear it cheetah sounds like a better description, I just use a piece of plastic webbing and airbrush my dye over it leaves a pretty cool pattern. We are using the Motorala XTS 2500 not the fanciest radio but is reliable and gets the job done:-)
  6. Hey guys and gals here is my latest project. It is a radio bucket for carrying radios in the field, pretty fun build and my first time using a box stitch so excited to learn how to do that ( quite a learning curve). Any comments and question s welcome
  7. Looks good, only tip I have is if you are using edge paint keep building up the paint on the edge and sand in between layers with 1000 grit sandpaper until you get a nice rounded edge.
  8. Hey guys and gals just looking for opinions on sewing machines. I am looking at a cb4500 for 2400 dollars but that is a large chunk of change . I hand sew everything right now and enjoy it but am enthralled with how well this machine stitches straight, true and fast , was going to buy cheaper but I figured if I am gonna spend the money might aswell get one for everything I will ever need to do. Any thoughts welcome
  9. Hey fellas and lady's, I have been in this craft for three year's, my work is fairly good in my opinion but I desire to achieve mastery I know it takes time, and is a lifelong process but was curious if there is any tips you can give me to better my advancement in this craft and avoid platues and mistakes before I make them. Any comments and tips are welcome not just for me, but others seeking the same knowledge. Thank you for your time and sharing of knowledge and the passion for this craft.
  10. Hey fellas I need some help, I have made alot of belts but never any with Sheridan style carvings on them, so my qouistion is I am trying to hand draw my own design but am unsure whether to make a small design on paper and reapeat it or make a paper blank of the whole belt and make my design on that. Also how do you draw desighns that would look good on the minimal width of a belt . Thank you
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