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  1. Thanks Wiz, That is what I am going to buy. This is the same machine right? It is listed as a Consew P1206RB-1 Is that a new model of the same machine that you were talking about? I was hoping it was just like how Smith & Wesson numbers their revolvers like a 686-4 was a newer model than a 686-3. I wanted to ask first about the dash one before ordering. Also have you ever dealt with Zamisew before? I wonder if Toledo Industrial is shipping the same thing or if they are still selling the older model (if in fact that is the older model without the -1). Appreciate your reply.
  2. I was considering a Consew 206RB-5, or getting an old Singer 31-15 and putting a servo in it, or maybe a Sailright Fabricator, or a Cobra Class 17, or a Juki 1508 (but that one is more that i want to spend). I am not married to any of those if there is a better (and cheaper) one that would work better for me.
  3. So I saved up my pennies and bought a Cobra Class 4 and it will sew anything other than steel plate, as long as i can get it under the presser foot. However it does not do well with the lighter weight stuff. For weeks I have spent countless hours researching which smaller machine that I should buy for sewing things like wallets and lightweight bags. The choices are overwhelming and I am afraid that I will make the wrong decision and end up wasting money on something that I will not be happy with, so I figured I would turn to the experts, (you all). I really don't want to spend over $1500 and would be happy if I could get a machine for a fraction of that. I am not afraid to buy a used one, as long as parts are not an issue. It must have a servo motor and be able to sew slowly. I dont really care about it being able to sew the thick stuff because I have the cylinder arm machine for holsters and belts and other thick stuff. I am pretty mechanically inclined (worked as a mechanic for the Army and the Air Force) so i can likely install a servo motor and or gear reducer myself. I have watched a guy sew a wallet with a roller foot and I thought that looked pretty good but I am used to a walking foot machine, i am sure that I could learn to use one if they work better on multiple layers of thin leather for wallets and such. Is there a clear winner to the question of what machine would work best for me? A good companion machine to my Cobra, to sew the lightweight stuff that the cobra tends to tear up and mangle with its big needles. I appreciate any input and apologize in advance if this question has been posed to you all countless times before.
  4. I built a 4ft x 6ft workbench to put in the center of my shop. I chose this size because that was the biggest bench that i could fit in the room as i already had a U shaped bench along 3 walls. I also chose that size because I had found a 48"x72" cutting mat at Tek Line. After finishing the bench I sat down to order the cutting mat and read some reviews on it that were less than favorable, apparently it is just rubber sheeting. They have some cartoonish looking product pictures on their website and now I guess I know why. I am not paying $211 for soft plastic sheeting. I have seen pics that some of you have posted with really big poly cutting boards and mats on top of your tables. Where would i find such a thing? Google is not helping, Other than the Tekline, i cant seem to find anything in that size. I want to keep it under $300 and really don't want to spend that much but i dont want whatever i buy to fall apart or have big gouges that will ruin my leather, or make my cuts go off course. Would appreciate any input. Thanks