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  1. This is good advice, although not for the business budget! It makes sense to me to buy a machine down the road that would allow me to sew linings and fabrics with finer detail and precision and something like the 3200 for the bag bodies. Thank you for this help!
  2. I was considering this one as well... I was under the impression that it still can't sew material thinner than 1/8th". Is that true?
  3. I was afraid that was the way this would be going! $7k is out of budget. Based on this then, which side of #138 thread should I fall on?
  4. Hi There Folks! This is my first post, after lurking on this board for quite some time. After doing some research (mostly from Wiz and Uwe's extensive post history and wealth of knowledge) it seems like I have an idea what my needs are for my first commercial sewing machine, but still lost for which direction to go in, as it seems like I'm looking for something that may not exist. I would like to be able to sew using threads that range from #138--#277 (maybe but the need hasn't expressed itself yet). I would like to be able to sew medium and soft temper leather, as well as tooling veg, bridle, latigo in thickness that range from 1/16-3/8". I make bags, wallets and belts. Not holsters or sheaths. I also will occasionally be sewing fabric linings and canvas, wool or denim. The CB 4500 looks like the best choice for heavier weight materials and thread but I think it's overkill for what I need, and based on info from Ryan Neel, it doesn't sound like it will handle the thinner work. I do like the 16.5" arm on those machines. Based on some other posts, it sounds like I might be in no man's territory and there aren't really machines that can work in the thread weight range. Do I understand that correctly or am I missing something? Any suggestions would be great to hear! Thanks! Patrick, The Masses