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  1. Trying to find a pattern for a shoulder holster for a 6" k frame. Can anyone recommend something?
  2. Very nice work/ Yup, I nee one of those! Might just be the boot in my butt to finally get me to finally make one. Will be a bugger to hand stitch though!
  3. Had another go at a basketweave butcher knife sheath, took some tips from the first one and did this one. Used 7 oz veg tan, fieblings light brown dye, stamped the weave at a greater angle, got my borders a little more even and tried a couple different stamps. Sorry about the billboard in the pic, i pulled it off instagram because it was the only decent pic I had
  4. Thanks folks, you're too kind. The leather was plain 5 oz veg tan, plain NFO finish, artificial sinew to stitch. After I got the color pretty consistent with the NFO I gave it a good rubbing of fieblings aussie conditioner. I would normally use at least 7 oz for a knife of this size but like I said it was more of an experimentation. The back isn't tooled, a few lines which look uneven because of the positioning of the belt loop I do appreciate the tips I will try to utilize them on my next stamping project. The entire concept is new to me, I have always been a plain utilitarian guy when it comes to leather so this was definitely a step outside my wheelhouse. It probably would have helped if I had made some plan before starting but I carved the Q logo and then decided some lines would look cool, then figured, "Hey that looks like a border now maybe I'll just fill it is with basketweave" LOL. The roughness around the carved portion (the beveling) is what irritated me the most but there was a lot of tight corners and angles to try to get into so it didn't come out as smooth looking as i had hoped.
  5. This wasn't supposed to be decorated it just kinda happened, figured it was as good a project as any to experiment on with a pile of stamps I bought second hand last year. It's my first attempt and a sorry one at that so please be gentle.
  6. Too many! LOL Just a rough guesstimate would be around 7 hrs including the design process and template making, I should have kept track but I am terrible about such things. Future ones will not take nearly as long since I now have the design figured out, templates made and I now know the best order of assembly and such. Thank you all for the comments all. The customer had a shotgun shell carrying sling on the gun already but the loops were failing and he was losing his cartridges in the field so he is used to the weight and balance. Someone unaccustomed to it I'm sure it might take a little getting used to?
  7. Hello, this is a sling I finished today, built to customer specs. 6 oz veg tan dyed brown, has cartridge loops with retention flaps to hold four 20 ga cartridges and seven .22 LR cartridges to fit a 20 ga/22 lr combo gun. QD swivels and gun metal snaps/buckle with copper rivets and hand stitching. Pretty pleased with how it turned out.
  8. I was using the brass plated Tandy 1294-72 tubular rivets with the "star" setter on a lot of my projects, however they have since since discontinued them and are only offering the nickel plate now. Does anyone know where I could find a similar rivet in either brass plate or better yet solid brass?
  9. No whole firearm here just a broken stock for modelling purposes Thank you for the kind words, yes correct lacing and setting of the eyelets prevents them from directly contacting the stock. I like gutted paracord for lacing them on, I can get them tighter and it lays flatter than leather lace in me experience. Most of my stuff is pretty plain and utilitarian. I like the make stuff that is quality and durable, but something someone won't be afraid of using hard and getting a dent or scratch so I tend to keep things simple in most cases
  10. One of my stock cuffs for combination guns. The 20 gauge 17/22 rimfire is a new addition to the lineup. This one is in brown
  11. Thank you I'll keep an eye out for the video when it comes available. These men were likely from Romania so quite possible you are recalling correctly!
  12. they are tricky its a 3 piece pommel, you have to remove the handle first then work the pommel loose
  13. I've never made any kind of footwear, figured it was time i get out of my comfort zone and give it a go!
  14. Howdy, been doing leatherwork for a couple three years now only serious this past year or so, prior to that most projects were for myself and friends. I thoroughly enjoy leatherwork and most anything else that involves creating things with my hands. I do leatherwork, kydex, knife making, knife repair, restoration and embellishment, vintage tool restoration, a bit of weaving, fabric sewing (canvas mostly), wood work, metal work and a bit of fabricating. I have seperate websites for knife work and my leatherwork. www.muskratmanknives.com My current work in progress leatherwork site is: www. possumhollowtrading.com I have joint facebook and instagram accounts that I use to share my entire spectrum of crafts. Both are fairly new so activity is low right now. www.facebook.com/Muskratmanknives www.instagram.com/muskratmanknives Thanks for having me!
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