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  1. Well it looks like there is an actual hole in the leather. But it’s a bit smaller than the other holes. So it didn’t pull the thread through the leather. We’ve been messing with the stitch length and it seems like the longer the stitch the worse it gets for whatever reason. But now that we replaced the needle maybe the length could be adjusted which might now be the new issue. Here is a pic of the hole... with the bridge still in tact.
  2. Any ideas on how to fix this issue on a singer 7-34? We just replaced the needle and adjusted the tension but it seems like maybe something is going on with the bobbin? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hello- We recently purchased a used Singer 7-34 and we are having a tough time finding the type of needles to purchase for replacements. We also haven't had any luck tracking down a manual. Does anyone know what needle size this machine might take or where a person could track down a manual? thanks!
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