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    No. Leg of mutton shotgun case for my Miroku M70 w/30 barrels. But can be made for almost any gun so why not a Ruger take down.
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    Clicker Press Dies

    Ask Mr Chin.
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    Thanks bobm4360 A great site I can work with those drawings.
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    I'm looking at the pattern of late 19th century; post 1870 up to about 1900. I want them to be as near to authentic as I can make em, but I do realise that I may have to adapt them to attach to modern saddles, possibly even change each set slightly to match whatever saddle they are intended for. You dont get too many people riding US Cavalry saddles circa 1870 - 1900 especially down under so I will have to adapt them mainly due to the huge variety and types of saddles out there. Key to it is they need to follow the original design pretty closely as I intend them for people who will use them as they were intended. I don't make "hollywood" bags and I work in leather. The US Cavalry pattern bags seem to be a bit larger than most and no doubt were designed for hard use and carry a fair amount of gear, not just a sandwich and water bottle.
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    Can anyone help me? I am looking for a pattern for US Cavalry saddlebags.