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  1. Sorry, me again; service manual for Adler 167/67 would be nice and helpfull, but I can not find them... Vjtp
  2. Thank You shoepatcher Yes, indeed, there really is some kind of "blade" installed also... I bought this Adler 167-V73 yesterday for 90 euros... (local flea market) Timing belt its really bad and "the arm shaft bushing" also have to get a new one or fix somehow, otherwise the condition is good in my opinion... Fortynately I'm already retired so time management is not a problem so I`m going to make it workable... Greetings from Finland, Regards: vjtp
  3. Hi there, Does anybody know anything whats this Adler model 167-V73 is specially made for? Or anything about this mentioned sewing machine...? Regards, and thanks in advance, Vjtp
  4. Oh yes Omer, you have to take whole head part off from it, to find whats is wrong about it. New parts you can get easily from a great english Singer Patcher newadays partdealer, but minor warning adout that, you have to exatly know what parts you are needing for you and you have to know why you have to have them... I can propably help, I can tell what you need... yes, and from here in the midlle of nowhere, and I can help you from here, from finland if you want to. I have lot of singer 29' patchers parts without use for me anymore. Please don't hesitate to send me email: tapio.puhakainen@gmail.com (sorry for my bad english "The PosPat & St.Claus are still living...even newadays..." Regards Tapio
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