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  1. Someone's wife is going to be happy .... great job!
  2. I recently ordered a part for my machine, a guys said he had a race for a singer class 7 that would fit my 7-55 so I went ahead and ordered the part from him. I don't know what he sent me but it definitely does not fit my class 7. does anyone know what this part would be for? The guys I am dealing with was closing for the day so he said he would call his supplier in the am, he seemed good and knew what he was talking about. The old race is the smaller one, obviously.
  3. Another question, the presser foot on this old 7-55 makes it so that it will not climb over welts. The front part of the presser foot (toe) once it hits the seam or welt it lifts the rear portion that makes contact with the feed dogs and thus the material does not feed. Is this normal for these old machines? I'm not sure what to do to combat this issue, any ideas would be great.
  4. Wow, those are some serious modifications, it looks great! You definitely possess the ability to design and construct. I totally understand about space being at a premium .... love to put more machines in my small shop.
  5. Thanks for all the good information guys I appreciate it. For some reason, and I don't know why, but it looks like someone had modified the race, it doesn't seem to have any effect on the machine other than the shuttle frame moves more when it gets to the top where the race was modified. Long term effect it may compromise the shuttle frame???? I was thinking of ordering a new race but I'm being cautious.
  6. Constabulary you are awesome!!! In the third photo with the large screw head on the slide with locking bolt on other side, I moved it as far down the slide as it would go and it did what it was supposed to. I can put 1/2 inch or more of material under the foot and no problems. Thank you Now do you have any good sources for presser feet for this machine?
  7. Constabulary, here are some side shots of mine. It looks like one of the arms have been pinned so I'm not sure if that's normal or not. Is it possible that it was pinned at the factory that it was being used at back in the day to prevent slipping or prevent someone from messing with it?
  8. Hey guys, I recently purchased a Singer 7-55 and have been cleaning it up, of course after taking things apart and cleaning and then putting them back together when the presser foot walks over the fabric the rear foot the one without the needle does not seem to lift as high as I want it to. So as it makes the step and then picks up the rear foot to spring forward, it doesn't really lift that high. I was alway under the impression that it would lift higher. Is there a way to get follow up foot to lift higher off the material after it completes the stitch?
  9. If anyone can help me with parts or information on this old skiver it would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Yes I agree I could watch that video all day as well. Makes me want to go buy a class 7 LOL
  11. Thanks JJN, the big question is do you buy the machine and set it up and keep it for big jobs. Really not sure what you would use the machine for. I have done some reading that it was possible used for canvas tarps and ropes. Not sure why or how they would sew ropes together.
  12. Make sure you take before and after pics of the model 66, love to see how it cleans up .... being able to produce your own parts is a hugh bonus Snakeoil.
  13. Definitely overkill for what I want to do for now, and yes don't really have the space. Factoring in just those 2 things I just mentioned, the $1600.00 price tag is too high. Now if the person wanted to sell it too me cheap maybe my wife wouldn't mind it in the bedroom . Thanks for the input guys. Check out this other machine that's up for sale as well Singer 47K5 for $750.00.
  14. Thanks shoe patcher, what does everyone think of the price?
  15. Wow that is sweet! Nice job, your daughter should be very happy. I just learning the craft but I'm hoping to work up to that quality.
  16. Good tip snakeoil. I don't know how many times I've dropped a part or even the hook when changing out my bobbin. I cringe as I watch it hit the floor and pray it didn't damage. Wizcraft gave me some good information to get this one 29K71 up and running and Bob from Toledo Industrial Sewing Machines also helped me out with parts .
  17. (Singer 7-33R) Came across this machine for sale what do you think of the price tag $1600? Even though they say it functions well how hard is it to get parts?
  18. I have to say that it has been rather rewarding both working with leather but also cleaning up vintage sewing machines bring them back from being just a decorative item to a working functional machine. Machines that work by treadle are my favorite and I'm not quite sure why. I guess it's a time that some people have long forgotten; when we didn't have gas or hydro. :spoton:

  19. Hey guys, great information here, I've also had some of the same struggles with my 29k71. I replaced the free motion cam roller which sits directly on the back of the head and my machine improved to where my stitch length was acceptable for me. I was also going to go a step further and replace the roller on the rear cam but found the machine performance acceptable for my needs; plus I wasn't quite sure if I should screw with pulling the rear cam on the machine. Great information on this thread!
  20. Dear Kevin, Thank you for your inquiry. As far as we are aware, needles for Junker & Ruh machine are not available anymore. We had some requests last year and we then made quite some inquiries, also at the 2019 International Shoemaker Trade Exhibition in Wiesbaden/Germany, but no helpfull info. If we can be of service to you in any other way, please let us know. Best regards,Allen Jongepier Dear Kevin, Allen Jongepier https://www.power-shoe.com/en : ( No needles here, and the person on eBay does not respond. Any other ideas please let me know guys.
  21. Hi Silverback, I'm looking or any needles for Junker and Ruh SD 28 5,6,or7. I found this thread and was hoping you might have some extra kicking around that I could buy? Kevin
  22. Hey Glenn, were you successful in finding any needles for your Junker Ruh? Im also looking for some. Kevin
  23. Hey guys, how much would you pay for 48 leather engraving tools? I have an opportunity to buy some used tools for about $250.00, just trying to get some suggestions. The seller did not post who the manufacture is. Thanks for you suggestions for all the fastener sites, I've bookmarked them all.
  24. Singer 29k71, Singer 15-88 both treadle machines.

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