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  1. daniel86

    Janome HD3000

    Gladly I’ve found this topic before I started my experiments. Current situation: for my new project, I'll need to work with a thick leather and I’d like to make machine stitches. As I understood from your previous post, Wiz, Janome won’t take it. And I don’t want to ruin my wife’s machine trying either. Feel like it's time to buy a personal sewing machine. Wanted do ask, what’s your opinion on Sailrite LSZ basic (features are here)? Will it make a better job?
  2. daniel86

    Gold dye

    I used Krylon metallic for my project once, looked quite good (but it was used for a woodwork). From what I found, it could be used for a leather, yet I'm not sure.
  3. Don't think of it's color like this is a problem. I believe your bag will find it's buyer. It's a really good work, and stitches are very accurate. ^ twice that
  4. That's very impressive! Good work.
  5. Looks very nice and clean. I like the leather!
  6. daniel86

    "Can I have a discount?"

    If I was selling something, I'd explain that your work costs more than the sum of used materials. It's your time, your efforts, your skill. Also, simply ask them "why do you want a discount?". If the answer is "the price is too high", maybe it's not your client, after all? In your case, just tell them, that you don't have any discounts for now. But if they're going to buy something else in the future, you could consider it.