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  1. Thank you Glenn, it is helpful to hear about your experience with the machine. I will talk to the dealer about the feed dog.
  2. Thank you, I appreciate the feedback. To give you more information, here are the manuals that the dealer sent me that I was looking at. I would be purchasing it as a new machine. I highlighted the specs I was referring to. Perhaps I was interpreting them incorrectly. Either way it sounds like I just need to make sure the feed dog has a wide enough hole for the larger needle sizes. 335_Manual.pdf 335_Specs.pdf
  3. Hi all, I have been reading posts on this forum for a while, so helpful! I have many years of experience with industrial machines for garments, but this is my first foray into leather for handbags. Your expertise/advice would be greatly appreciated. I am going to purchase a cylinder arm walking foot machine from my usual local sewing machine dealer. I am looking at purchasing the Pfaff 335G-6/01. What I will be sewing: Handbags made from soft leather that is 2 mm thick. Straps for the bag also. My question: Pfaff's specs say that it allows for a size 12 - 16 needle and up to 70 Tex thread. Is this the right machine for what I will be sewing? I know there is no right or wrong thread size but is there a general rule of thumb/range for the size thread and needle you should use for sewing seams and topstitching for a handbag of this weight of leather? Would this machine be able to handle those thread sizes? Thanks, Melissa
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