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    Sharpening jig for a Barry King swivel knife

    Take after These Steps 1 Steady the sharpening steel Holding the handle of your sharpening steel, point the steel straight down and lay its tip on a ledge or another safe, level work surface. Hold the blade in your predominant hand, with the sharp edge of the cutting edge contacting the steel, and position the edge so it rests at a 20-degree point to the steel. 2 Draw the blade down over the steel Beginning with the foot sole area of the blade (the part nearest to the handle), draw the cutting edge descending along the steel toward the counter, keeping up light weight and pulling the handle back toward you so the whole length of the sharp edge, from the rear area to the tip, interacts with the steel. Tip: As the edge of the edge reaches the steel, you ought to hear a light ringing sound. (A pounding sound means you're utilizing excessively weight.) 3 Repeat the activity, rotating sides Utilize a similar movement for the opposite side of the blade edge, utilizing the contrary side of the steel. Rehash four to five times on each side. Wipe the blade with a kitchen towel to evacuate any deposit. Cut through a tomato (or a bit of paper) utilizing light strain to watch that your blade is totally sharpened.