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  1. Thought I had the clicker sold, but now I'm not sure. If I don't hear from the potential buyer by Thursday it's going on Ebay with a starting bid of 1150 and a buy it now of 1500.
  2. Sorry, Amy, but both machines are sold.
  3. This not the machine you need. The 255rb is a light to medium duty machine for bags, wallets, garments, upholstery, etc. You need the next step up in duty rating for holsters. I would call some of the machine dealers who advertise on this site. A lot of them sell used/rebuilt machines that will do your job.
  4. The clicker and the skiver are sold. The sewing machines are now on Ebay with starting bids of 900 for the cylinder and 600 for the Consew.
  5. Just signed on and saw your message. I'd really like to exhaust every local opportunity before I think about shipping. Last time I sold a skiver, I used Ebay and got a bit more for it than I expected. It goes there this week and we'll see. If I were to ship it, I'd want to use a service which would cost more than just the freight. I'd want to be sure it didn't get damaged in shipment.
  6. This is an older Fortuna machine on a factory vacuum table. The drive barrel is clutch operated which allows the bell knife to run at a constant speed while you feed the leather at whatever speed you want. The bag on the right collects dust and the drawer on the left collects the skivings. The drawer pulls out for emptying. The motor is a 1/2 hp 120v that runs on house current. I will take $700 cash which includes an extra bell knife and sharpening stone.
  7. I still have the skiver, 2 sewing machines, cutting dies, zipper tape, and some miscellaneous other stuff. The clicker is sold.
  8. $800 for the skiver. Its an older Fortuna on a factory vacuum table with a clutch for the drive barrel. I have dies for about 14 different products, some are small pouches and others are bags with several large parts. I'll take $800 for all of them. You can see some examples of the kind of things I make on my site, highlandleather.com.
  9. Clicker is sold. The other 3 machines are still available. Fortuna...$800 Consew 255rb...$700 Eagle BG-1341 cylinder machine...$1400 Package deal for all three...$2500. If you buy the package, I'll throw in a speed reducer (unattached) and several strap folding attachments for the 255. Pick up only please.
  10. $1000 for the clicker alone. $5000 for everything i have except finished goods. That includes all 4 machines, all the clicker dies, zipper tape, sliders, hardware and a few miscellaneous tools.
  11. Bed is 20 x 40. I'll have to measure the boom and let you know. 220v, 3 phase, but I have a phase converter included that plugs into a standard 220 outlet. I'd take $1000 for it if you can wait a couple of weeks for me to finish cutting all my leftover leather. You pick it up, of course.
  12. The cylinder machine would be a very good chap machine. It will sew a bit heavier than the consew and has a stronger motor. Add a speed reducer (included in the equipment but not attached) and it should easily sew 3 or 4 layers of 5 oz. chap slow and even. In the 70's, I made bags out of 5/6 latigo using a Juki 563, and these machines have similar capabilities. The cylinder machine has 16mm of clearance under the foot as opposed to the 11mm of the flat bed so it's a little easier to work the material with it. I typically make the more difficult bags on the cylinder and the flat goods on the consew. I have everything an aspiring bag maker would need to get started except the leather and hardware. This could be a turnkey business if you have a market for the kind of things I make.
  13. After more than 40 years in business I have decided to retire and sell it all. I have 2 sewing machines, a Fortuna skiver, a USM Model B clicker, zipper tape, sliders, thread, a number of clicker die sets for various products, a few hides of leftover leather (3 oz. soft cow), a few hand tools, and some miscellaneous stuff including chemicals, cement, and folding attachments. I'd love to sell it all as a single lot and am open to offers from most anyone, dealers included. Photos of the machines attached. Other photos could be provided. All machines are in working order and used daily. Some of the items I'm currently making can be seen at highlandleather.com. Pickup only, please.
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