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  1. mcdoug

    Cylinder arm machine for sale

    This is a light to medium duty machine. It will sew about 3/8 inch of belt leather but probably no more, at least not reliably plus its not really comfortable with thread larger than 138. If you make soft bags, wallets, dress belts, or similar items this is a good all around choice. I wouldn't want it for holsters, tack, etc. Some examples of the kind of things I've made with it can be found at:
  2. mcdoug

    Cylinder arm machine for sale

    I have an Eagle BG-1341 cylinder machine for sale. This is a Juki 1341 clone that's 3 years old and used very little. The motor is a late model servo with a 50mm pulley, and the table has a flip up top so the machine can be used either as a cylinder or a flat bed. This is a solid, reliable machine that sews very well and is easy to adjust and maintain. I don't want to ship it since I work alone in a very small shop and don't have the time or materials to pack it. I'm in Asheville, NC. $1500.00
  3. Thanks guys! I don't have a lathe or a drill press, but I do have a dremel and a sanding drum. I'll give the dremel a try. When I mic the shaft and the pulley, the pulley is about .5mm too small. Shouldn't take much to work. Doug M
  4. I have a Family Sew 550 that came with a 75mm pulley, and I need to change it to a 50mm. I have a pulley that should fit, but it's really very tight and won't easily slide on. I don't want to force it for fear of breaking. Is there some trick to getting these pulleys on the motor shaft? Thanks, Doug M