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  1. Dodong

    How to fix / hide scratch

    Thanks all!
  2. Well I ran into a bit of a hickup whilst making a laptop bag. Unfortunately I didn't notice the scratch untill it was well too late. So how best to fix this? (Don't have enough material left to make a new flap) so: Do I live with it? Cover it with a racing stripe? Any other way to cover it? Many thanks in advance!
  3. Dodong

    Keeping white white.

    Thanks all. I'll try some reopened on some scrap pieces first I guess. Thanks again.
  4. Dodong

    Keeping white white.

    How do I keep white leather white? Whatever I try -beeswax - neatsfoot - saddle soap ... Will make it turn yellow. Calf's leather veg tan. What will happen if I try white shoepolish? (Asking because I don't have any ) What's the trick please?