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  1. Hey family,I Know this isn't Leather but I am curious if anyone here has worked with waxed canvas? I have some to make hybrid totes and shaving bags. Do you need to bind the edges? If so I have a cobra class 26,what binding attachment would you get? How does it work? What all would I need? Thank you,just trying to learn.... google is not helping
  2. What all do you have for sale still?
  3. Did you ever sell it?
  4. Need custom keyfobs with your logo? Messsage me to see your options! Youll be surprised by how affordable it is!
  5. Why are you selling it and would you ship it?
  6. So when getting custom belt orders online from customers on the other side of the globe...you still get them to measure there own waist?
  7. Thank you everyone for the feed back..a great deal of Information. I made myself a belt and it came out nice but it's a tad to long in my opinion. I used a chart I found on this website. I want to start selling them in batches through my Instagram and Etsy ,so having a custom measurements sent to me seems counter productive? They may measure wrong or simply give me wrong measurements on purpose with the hope of a free belt Soni don't get a bad review (there out there,those Karen's) I was just trying to see if there a standard math formula,kinda like what mass belt producers do..for instance just add X amount of inches to the pant size..in my head seems like there has to be a possible way
  8. Hey guys, I really want to start making some belts, maybe make them for Christmas gifts for the family. My question is, I know the belt blank needs to be longer then the acutal pant size, but how much? For example if I wear size 34 pants, what belt length would I need?
  9. Curious if this is a thing? Lot of hunters in my area and if I could find some veg tan camo print Leather I could make some good sells
  10. I'll try bringing the needle higher and seeing what happens.it was working fine then just having some bad luck
  11. What's up guys I have a cobra class 26. I always have issuies on curves to get my knot centered. I think it's just human error and not tension. I burry the needle dead bottom then come up just a hair. Sometimes it looks right and sometimes it does, sometimes it's a random knot showing
  12. How much for the bell skiver I'm interested in the clicker dies as well
  13. Hey jerdav is it still for sale?
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