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  1. KennethM

    Mens Roper wallets

    Thanks brother! Thank you brother!Will do! Haha ,the initial color was mohogany ,then English Bridle,then I used a one off dye I got from makersleathersupply..idk the name I just know its a very very light tan I then used 800grit sand paper to scuff everything up and focused on the edges and corners to give it a wear look.Came out great.Sealed it with acrylic res. Now I just have to sell these lol. I purchased a swivel knife.I want to practice tooling then try giving that an aged look. I was surprised how well this hide from tandy felt.My last tandy hide was garbage but its within my price range at the moment. If anyone uses instagram.I am more active there.@Mauldinforge
  2. KennethM

    Mens Roper wallets

  3. KennethM

    Mens Roper wallets

    Hey guys.I'm Kenneth.Only been doing leather work for about 6 months.I have been enjoing making these men long roper wallets. I tried to make them feel aged and have lots of depth in color. Tell me what you guys think
  4. KennethM


    Funny thing is I was at tandy today looking at both thos3 books.I was on the fence tho..
  5. KennethM


    Hey everyone I am trying to learn abour making totes and satchel..are there any books I can use for guidance?
  6. KennethM


    This is epic!I been wsnting to get into bags..any advice?
  7. KennethM

    Advice needed

    Thanks for the tips everyone Aircrafts..Using #69 thread may work better with floppy leather?I been using just a left toe foot attachment vs th3 double feet
  8. KennethM

    Advice needed

    Hey everyone.I was working on a commissioned bifold wallet. Wallet backnis 3oz veg tan..Interiors are 2oz calf skin Machine size 20 leather needle with #92 thread..the first side I sewed came out beautiful..the second side when I sewed it.I sew wallet back facing up.After I flipped it over I noticed on the inside the needle kinda went.l between the layers..So. I thought I didn't sand evenly and my needle was I deconstruct the wallet ,new needle,sand FLAT..and bam it happens my calf skin leather to soft and rolling under the pressure feet ?What is happening .I need to restart the wallet.this one is trashed
  9. KennethM

    Rons round edger

    I was looking at rons round edger.I like the idea of the round edger .From what I understand it keeps the edger at a consistent depth when cutting.Is there anyone else that makes a edger like this?Not sure if I'm ready to fork out the $100
  10. Thank you for the reply.I understand what you are saying.However I think its more a issuie with different leather thickness.Its the "step down"
  11. Hey everyone!I need advice on how to handle transitions and keep the stitch spacing consistent on those transitions..I sewed up a roper wallet.The wallet back is 5oz and the card pocket panels are 4oz.
  12. KennethM

    Cowboy 4 Ton Clicker Press Buy Me, Buy Me!!!!!!

    Is this still for sale?
  13. KennethM

    Hot glazing

    Hey everybody.I'm sure this has been done before.I remember reading a tutorial on it somewhere however for the life of me cant find it. I have a leather burning soldering iron with the temp control.I have been experimenting with diff heats on how to finish my edges more proficient.I am getting close but not right where I want to be. Has anyone used one of these tools for heatable edge paint?I am using vernis.If you have used it ,I would love your protocol and method.
  14. KennethM

    Barge cement

    Thank you Gary
  15. KennethM

    Barge cement

    I am about to get some barge for the first time.Switching from tandy leatherweld I think is what its called. I was curious do any of you guys use squeeze bottle for barge or do you prefer gluepot?Also if I use a squeeze bottle do you think it needs to be thinned?