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  1. hey guys I have some chrome tan,3-4 oz.. its really floppy and soft ,I didn't realize how soft it would be when I purchased it..was going to make it into a tote bag..if I line it with itself..itll be maybe 8oz thick, do you think that it would be firm enough for a tote? also do you think that would be to heavy for a tote?
  2. yea brother that sucks that happened to you! ahh idk (no offense) I feel its tacky to use pleater or cheap shit to line a baggy love the way the canvas looks but I haven't had much luck with it. I wonder what else is there to use
  3. yea man wow, thats a kick in the nuts.. do yall think lining tote bags isn't worth it? it doesn't take me long to make a tote badge have the right equipment
  4. did you find someone to make you a wallet yet?
  5. I know someone here has done this before lol,how to you go about lining a tote bag? what method? what is your fav lining material?
  6. Sweet.. I don't think I ever be sewing any patches onto anything besides hats so I'm thinking this should be good to go
  7. Hey guys I have the opportunity to get this machine for $700 with a sailrite motor.. I never used a post bed machine before.. I was wondering if this machine would be good for hat patches? My patches are 6-7 oz thick normally On facebook I was told to get a patcher vs a post bed for hats but idk Idk if I am mis typing something or what but I'm not finding much info on this brand/model online
  8. I have a question.. seen a local yamata fy810 post bed for sale. Been looking for post bed machines to see on Leather patches for hats.. the cylinder arm works but is annoying. A post bed would speed things up. Would this model be a good fit? My leather patches are 6-8 oz depending on what I have in the shop
  9. Interested in the leather splitter and bell skiver
  10. Hey family,I Know this isn't Leather but I am curious if anyone here has worked with waxed canvas? I have some to make hybrid totes and shaving bags. Do you need to bind the edges? If so I have a cobra class 26,what binding attachment would you get? How does it work? What all would I need? Thank you,just trying to learn.... google is not helping
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