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  1. Sweet.. I don't think I ever be sewing any patches onto anything besides hats so I'm thinking this should be good to go
  2. Hey guys I have the opportunity to get this machine for $700 with a sailrite motor.. I never used a post bed machine before.. I was wondering if this machine would be good for hat patches? My patches are 6-7 oz thick normally On facebook I was told to get a patcher vs a post bed for hats but idk Idk if I am mis typing something or what but I'm not finding much info on this brand/model online
  3. I have a question.. seen a local yamata fy810 post bed for sale. Been looking for post bed machines to see on Leather patches for hats.. the cylinder arm works but is annoying. A post bed would speed things up. Would this model be a good fit? My leather patches are 6-8 oz depending on what I have in the shop
  4. Interested in the leather splitter and bell skiver
  5. Hey family,I Know this isn't Leather but I am curious if anyone here has worked with waxed canvas? I have some to make hybrid totes and shaving bags. Do you need to bind the edges? If so I have a cobra class 26,what binding attachment would you get? How does it work? What all would I need? Thank you,just trying to learn.... google is not helping
  6. What all do you have for sale still?
  7. Did you ever sell it?
  8. Need custom keyfobs with your logo? Messsage me to see your options! Youll be surprised by how affordable it is!
  9. Why are you selling it and would you ship it?
  10. So when getting custom belt orders online from customers on the other side of the globe...you still get them to measure there own waist?
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