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  1. KennethM

    Hot glazing

    Hey everybody.I'm sure this has been done before.I remember reading a tutorial on it somewhere however for the life of me cant find it. I have a leather burning soldering iron with the temp control.I have been experimenting with diff heats on how to finish my edges more proficient.I am getting close but not right where I want to be. Has anyone used one of these tools for heatable edge paint?I am using vernis.If you have used it ,I would love your protocol and method.
  2. KennethM

    Barge cement

    Thank you Gary
  3. KennethM

    Barge cement

    I am about to get some barge for the first time.Switching from tandy leatherweld I think is what its called. I was curious do any of you guys use squeeze bottle for barge or do you prefer gluepot?Also if I use a squeeze bottle do you think it needs to be thinned?
  4. KennethM

    Review TD-801D The king leather skiving machine

    Oh man thats a sweet much are they? Ps dont buy a techsew
  5. KennethM

    Needle/thread disscusion

    Thats a good idea off .didn't think of that.Thank you
  6. I was using #69 thread with size 18 needle on my wallets. The outside panel is oz.The Knott always centered however I always had issues with corners and needles bending,etc So as of late I switched to #92 thread with size 20 needle.Now on 3oz naturally it seems impossible to center the knott however when all the panels of the wallet are together it works great.However on most of my bi fold wallets.the upper outside panel has a decorative stitch.So if you were me what would you do since the Knott doesnt really center. Would you just make the outside look great and let the Knott rest on the bottom side?. In the future I may switch to 4-5oz for the otter panel and lighter oz for the inner however right now I cant do that.
  7. KennethM

    What am I doing wrong?
  8. KennethM

    What am I doing wrong?

    Here's another issuie I am having
  9. KennethM

    What am I doing wrong?

    So far techsew has not been the greatest help per say.. I sent them photos of the wallet asking for advice on what went wrong and how can I fix the issue or avoid the issue .As I am having the ssme problem on every wallet regardless of needle. Mind you my needle stitch lenght is not accurate either..this is what they email me.
  10. KennethM

    What am I doing wrong?

    Update: So I had some free time today.Trying to figure some things out.Techsew techsupport is looking into my emails I started following the sailright sewing machinw manual to try to figure some things out I first at trying to proplery balance the pressure feet alternating height So I set the otter pressure goot to lift 4mm and the inner to lift 2-3mm per the sailright manual. Then by hand I did a stitch per inch test. I noticed going forward I am now more consistent of about 7 Mm but the last puncture looks to be closer to 8 mm. Then when I go in reverse and pray that I go through the same holes ..well I dont I make new stitching holes..check out this photo.. All and any help is welcomend
  11. KennethM

    What am I doing wrong?

    Yes thought I fixed it..guess I didnt do it properly
  12. KennethM

    What am I doing wrong?

    I did a paper test.I used the hand wheel to check my stitching spacing and its off.I'm not getting correct stitch spacing. 1)why is the happening? 2)how do I fix this?
  13. KennethM

    What am I doing wrong?

    Got a questions for everybody since I'm new and still learning about sewing machines. Shouldn't the needle and middle foot touch the material your sewing/feed dog together in sync?Becuase mine do not .