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  1. The 145/545 only has one screw to adjust the bobbin case opener. The 1245 has two, but the principle is the same. This is from the 245/1245 service manual.
  2. Hi Hugocraft Sorry for my late response. If you just remove the presser bar, the metal balls will fall out. 91-019 657-05 is housed inside 91-019 656-05. It has been a long time since I did change the metal balls of a machine, but I am going to pick up a 145 on Monday. As I remember the ball size is 1/16 inch. You can probably retain the metal balls inside the ball bearing part, if you insert a temporary piece of the same dimension as the presser bar. Cheers Søren
  3. Could you possibly take a photo from underneath. It is difficult to assess, what is missing. Kind regards Soren
  4. It may also be horizontal oscillations, that requires two nuts at the end of the knife shaft to be tightened. Brgds Søren
  5. Completed the machine today. Will bring it to a friend next week. He is a sewing machine mechanic with 55 years of experience. We will fine tune it together
  6. Thank you Castle I have another skiving machine arriving from Poland on Tuesday. Cheers
  7. Today, I spend several hours grinding - to fit the new arm to the Fortuna 3S skiving machine. To be able to use the arm, I had to fit a 2 mm metal plate between the arm and the machine. For that reason I had to enlarge the hole to make the shaft going through the arm rund freely.
  8. Good morning Falseyellow How did you adjust the position? The arm has alignment pins or? Cheers DanishMan
  9. Starting to put the machine together today. As mentioned earlier, I had taken the huge 3S arm off the machine. The plan is to fit an arm from a older Fortuna machine, that I bought last year. The 3S arm was attached to the machine with four big bolts, whereas the normal arm is fitted with three bolts. For that reason, I had to drill three new holes. One of the holes went through the structure holding the knife shaft. I had to make a wedge with a hole through it. For that I used metal from the big 3S arm. To make the bolt fit, I also used a piece of of metal from an old skiving machine handle. The transport wheel shaft goes through the arm. I had to make this hole slightly bigger by using a dreamed tool. Tomorrow, I will keep putting the machine together.
  10. Hi Cumberland Considering the amount of time going into this, it is not worth the money - compared to having a job. But right now, I am not working due to corona, so it fills out my day. Besides, very few people in Denmark know anything about skiving machines, so maybe within time I can build knowledge, that could turn into a small business. Kind regards Danishman
  11. Hi Jimi I will just have to let the paint harden for a few weeks. Then I will start assembling the machine again. I had to fit a 2 mm metal plate between the arm the machine. I also had to drill new holes, as the arm is attached with three bolts, whereas the 3S arm had four bolts - but I think, it will work out. Cheers Søren
  12. I paid 1000 dkr - which is about 150 USD. Cheers
  13. Hi Jonas I grew up in Aalborg, but now live close to Copenhagen. Cheers
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