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  1. DanishMan

    PAFFA skiving machine

    I came across a skiving machine, but I have never heard of the brand - PAFFA. I presume it is German. Anybody who has heard of this brand? Cheers DanishMan
  2. DanishMan

    Skiving machine brand

    Dear Friends I managed to sell my two vintage skiving machines. Both will have new lives in professional shops. I recently came across another skiving machine, which appears to have been painted at some time. There are no names or numbers on it. It has no foot pedal, and I believe, that the modified plastic wheels are used to change speed of the feed wheel. Perhaps any of you, can help me establishing the brand. Kind regards Danish Man
  3. DanishMan

    Singer B40

    This one is for sale in Denmark. Any idea, what this machine is used for and what a realistic price is? I am asking on behalf of a man who is selling a bunch of machines for a friend, who has gotten seriously ill. Brgds Danish man https://www.guloggratis.dk/fritid/haandarbejde/symaskine/annonce/44059077-singer-b40
  4. DanishMan

    Pfaff 335 BB (older model) experience?

    Hi Dikman I recently bought a 335 H2L B17 exactly like yours - also with the manual thread tension release lever. Thank you for your effort in sorting things out. It will be of great help to me. I will probably fit a rod and make it work like normal. Brgds Danishman
  5. DanishMan

    PFAFF 335 needle plate

    Dear Friends I am looking for an accessory plate for a PFAFF 335 H2 machine. Anyone that has one for sale? Kind regards Danishman
  6. DanishMan

    Old danish skiving machine

    I have three - two are for sale. I sell them relatively cheap - around 350 euros - 220 volts - and working fine.
  7. DanishMan

    Old danish skiving machine

    Thank you Jimi. I only cleaned it and replaced some rusty parts with parts from my wrecked skiver. I put a foil on the table and used a metal plate to protect the foil. It is an old machine with knife and feed wheel moving together. The other Dania machine I have for sale, is a very nice machine with two speed. It is actually a very good machine. How many skiving machines do you have? Brgds Soren
  8. DanishMan

    Old danish skiving machine

    The starting point
  9. DanishMan

    Old danish skiving machine

  10. DanishMan

    Old danish skiving machine

  11. DanishMan

    Old danish skiving machine

  12. DanishMan

    Old danish skiving machine

  13. DanishMan

    Old danish skiving machine

    I am looking forward to see how this machine will work.
  14. DanishMan

    Skiving machine

  15. DanishMan

    PFAFF 145 needle adjustment in feed dog

    I have adjusted the feed dog, and this does not solve the problem. If I move the feed dog further to the left, it will touch the needle plate.