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  1. Dear Friends Did you manage to find manuals for the S machine? Kind regards Danishman
  2. I probably have a complete binder set for a PFAFF 335 - used one.
  3. You have to replace the block, because the 545 block is slightly lower in order to accommodate the larger bobbin. Cheers Søren
  4. A friend of mine asked, if I would help him fitting a servo motor to a Singer 236G100 post bed sewing machine. This proved easy, except if one wants to fit a synchroniser. Anyone, who has tried this? Kind regards Danish Man
  5. Isn't it the same plate as for a PFAFF 145 or 545? https://picclick.de/Messplatte-91-012492-25-Für-Pfaff-1245-145-545-142-114458876700.html
  6. Hi Danne Right now, I have six skiving machines sitting in my workshop. And my wife has a newer Fortuna machine (with vacuum etc). It is just a hobby for me, and the pulley shaft on the one, I just bought in Poland had received some beating - and had become bend. If you buy an old skiving machines, that works - it is very hard to wear them out. They are so sturdy, and unless one use them 12 hours a day for 30 years, it is unlikely, that you have to buy new parts for them. The old Fortuna machines are still build in China, India and Mexico, so in many cases you can buy new parts for them. It is very easy to find presser feet, knives, rollers etc. Kind regards DanishMan
  7. Good evening friends Last week I bought an old Fortuna skiving machine in Poland. I took the chance, since it is difficult to pack - and sure enough it had been damaged. The packet seemed very fine on the out side but something had happened on the inside. The pulley had taken a blow, and the pulley shaft had been bent (the shaft is about 12 mm in diameter). Anyone here with a pulley shaft to spare. I am interested in buying. Kind regards DanishMan PS - the screenshot it from a mexican clone - but just to show the principle
  8. I have four similar machines, that I have been working on. I suppose the only way to replace the belt is to use a leather strap - or to remove the shaft - it takes 5-10 minutes, if you know what you are doing. Is the old Fortuna for sale then? Cheers
  9. Hi Keithski122 I just want to hear how you solved he problem with the belt. Cheers DanishMan
  10. My 335 project has been idling for a long time. I was missing the top screw assembly and the presser bar guide block bracket. Now, I have found the parts on Ebay, and the 335 can be completed. Many thanks to Thomas Hansen (545Iger on Ebay). Thomas has very reasonable prices on Ebay compared to some other dealers. He is also very helpfull and always responding quick, if you have any questions. Pictures will follow, once I have completed three other ongoing projects - a PFAFF 145, a PFAFF 193 and a skiving machine. Kind regards DanishMan
  11. I found two old PFAFF 193s and two 194s in a barn in Denmark They had been sitting in the barn for at least five years, and they were extremely dirty and also somewhat rusty. Apparently the machines had not been preserved with oil at any point. I scrapped three machines for spares. I decided to give the last machine a chance - a PFAFF 193 4 CLM8 (I wonder if the machine has a maximum sting length of 4 or 8 mm). The machine was very dirty, but I gave it a thorough cleaning using a basic detergent and an old kitchen brush. The parts with small spots of rust were carefully removed by steel wool. After that I used our "dog blower" to dry the machine. It is very powerfull and can also deliver warm air, which makes it very effective. After drying, I used plenty of WD40 Now the machine is just waiting for three missing parts and a new hand wheel - then the machine just needs fine tuning and a table. My point is, that a machine can look shitty, but with relative small effort, can make a big difference. Kind regards Danish Man
  12. Hi Shoepatcher I am wondering, if the only thing, that need to be changed is the eccentric in the front part of the machine? Cheers Soren
  13. Dear Friends I have an old PFAFF 145, which is a H2. Anyone here with experience in making it to a H3. Cheers DanishMan
  14. Dear Friends I am looking for a book on different kinds of leather. Different kids of tanning. Splitting etc. I wonder if there is a 1000 page bible which describes everything - or at least the basics? Kind regards Danishman
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