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  1. DanishMan

    Skiver restoration project and questions

    Hi Katit Could you please give me update, on which parts you need. Brgds DanishMan
  2. DanishMan

    Skiver restoration project and questions

    I think I have the part, you mention. I will check it tomorrow, when I get home. Brgds DanishMan
  3. DanishMan

    Pfaff plate indication

    I mentioned the vibrating pressure foot lifting height, which is probably not correct for sewing machine with roller feed. What I intended to ask was the maximum thickness to be sewed.
  4. DanishMan

    Pfaff plate indication

    Altso this one? What does the 4 indicate?
  5. Dear Friends Can anybody help me with this PFAFF machine plate. It is a 191-4-33 I wonder what the vibrating presser lift height and stitch length is on a machine like this. Brgds DanishMan
  6. DanishMan

    Skiver restoration project and questions

    The stuff I have is old. I will not charge a lot - but of course shipping will be expensive
  7. DanishMan

    Skiver restoration project and questions

    I bought a lot last year with a lot of feed wheels, ejectors, knife shaft, grinding stones, presser feet etc. These things were not related to my ruined skiving machine. Just send me a picture, if you can't find the stuff in the US. Then I will see, what I have.
  8. DanishMan

    Skiver restoration project and questions

    No I Don’t have a belt cover, but different bolts, screws and springs. I also have about 10 feed wheels and a lot of presser feet and some ejector plantes, if you need it. Brgds Soren
  9. DanishMan

    Skiver restoration project and questions

    Regarding belt for the grinding stone, my suggestion is to use a 4 mm leather strap. I ordered a new belt in the UK, but the shop sent a belt of wrong dimension. Instead I got hold of a solid leather strap, and it works flawlessly on my other skiver
  10. DanishMan

    Skiver restoration project and questions

    Hi Katit I took a skiving machine apart last week? Which parts are you looking for? Brgds DanishMan
  11. DanishMan

    Pfaff 145

    Hi Ray I have a PFAFF 145 H2, which I did find in a barn. After cleaning it, it now runs very nicely. I have three other 145s to fix, and I will do a final tour to the barn on Wednesday to pick up one or two more machines to be used for spares and a couple of tables. I am not sure about the feed dog on your machine, and whether it is possible to swap parts to make to make it drop feed. If you want to give it a try, please let me know. I will not charge you for the parts (if I find some on Wednesday) - only for the shipping. Brgds DanishMan PS - my machine is this one https://www.dba.dk/pfaff-145/id-1052788821/
  12. DanishMan

    Skiving machine parts

    Dear Friends A couple of months ago, I bought an old skiving machine for restoration. During disassembly I managed to ruin the machine. Now I am parting out the machine. If anyone is looking for parts, just let me know. The skiving machine looks to be a Fortuna clone using the same parts. Brgds Danishman
  13. DanishMan

    PFAFF 193 ongoing problems

    Thank you Uwe. Very useful information. Brgds Soren Also a good idea to upload video on youtube and provide a link for it.
  14. DanishMan

    PFAFF 193 ongoing problems

    Hi again Uwe If I can get your email, I can email the small video sequence to you. Brgds Soren