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  1. Thank you, where I purchased in Canada is replacing the motor without question. Great service. Thank you
  2. Ok thank, I think I posted and back paged and hit it again. Sorry.
  3. So I used my cobra 26 yesterday no problem. Then I turned around to use another machine. Nothing touching the foot pedal and the cobra started running at high speed stitching all by itself. No animals around etc. I turned it off and on again hoping it would stop but it kept going. I turned it off again for longer and then it stopped. BUT now the display under the table is saying "e6" and I can't get the machine to work now when pressing the pedal. Any ideas how to reset this? Everything seems ok other than that. Thank you
  4. Thank you, any ideas on the tension? No matter how I dial the bobbin screw there's no change.
  5. Hello, I've recently purchased a cobra 26. Just a couple questions... When replacing the needle the eye goes from left to right but each side is slightly different. I had it in and the needle started hitting the case and broke so it's now going in the opposite. Is this normal? I was told just to put in the needle so you thread laft to right. Second, I've een trying to dial down the tension for the lightest weight thread the machine takes 69 as I'm waiting for heavier thread in the mail. Both with the 69 and 138 I can't seem to tighten that bobbin case anymore to get rid of the loop on top. I've tried 138 in top and bottom realizing maybe 69 is just a bit too light weight. Any suggestions?
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