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    Wooden leather top stool

    The English flag (St George) is a Red Cross on a White background and they appear to be involved in a battle and as we know the English were always fighting someone!!LOL However I will take on board your knowledge of the Nina,Pinta and Santa Maria Mike!! As for the Antiques Roadshow,yes Mark it sometimes comes to Scotland but mostly like everything else in Britain it is mainly in England...appreciate your comment but not holding my breath at being the world’s next millionaire. That said I am in Las Vegas this November so if the stool doesn’t make me a millionaire maybe everything I own on Zero may just do it Regards to ALL of you for taking the time to answer .....from Scotland
  2. Noggin

    Wooden leather top stool

    Found an old wooden stool i used to sit on when i was a wee boy. Leather top shows 3 sailing ships from Admiral Nelson’s time in the leather top. A name is signed in the leather either Lavanga or Ravanga and wondered if anyone knew anything about the origins