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  1. late to the party but decades of experience to suggest don't shoot for the top end just yet. Find a local leather retailer carrying any of the names already suggested; there are many in your area but you want accessibility so YOU get to pick out hides you want. Then seek out a saddler near you and contact them. Offer to buy lunch; if you connect remember lunch is on you forever; they might like the idea of you picking up a fast food sandwich and spending a lunch hour with them. DO NOT become a pain for them so remember to treat their time accordingly; make our a list of questions before getting together; not too many on any occasion, (right?). The idea is just get to see their shop, get a "whiff of the good life". As for leather buying; don't go for the best until an advisor as above tells you you're making a good product. Get used to the idea that time ... plenty of it is your ally. You need an expert opinion ... without becoming a (what again? ... yeh, you got it). stay away from the hobby shops. and you will soon learn quality/price. Certainly don't need 'best' grade leather yet. So, find a leather retailer (saddle leather retailer a search to try as well) and go from their. Follow the above and you'll come out of the dark into the light, faster.
  2. I would be interested in pursuing your case repair.need. Retired in Jan. after several decades as a leather goods craftsman, offering hand sewn Edwardian to modern, leather goods designs for field, stream, and travel; including addition of unique turns on established designs. Rifle hard and soft cases, leg-O-mutton double-gun cases for single and twin barrels, matched pair, cartridge bags, travel bags in UK English bridle, natural bridle (saddle leather), French and German bag and case leathers ... all work hand sewn: robertcochrane.com, near Calgary, Canada. Please send personal email with photo of case, if you would like to inquire further.
  3. THE WORLD'S LONGEST RETIREMENT & SALE; ONGOING I have on offer, patterns, written instructions and personal guidance for 'HOW TO HAND SEW A LEG-O-MUTTON CASE', that I have used for over 35 years of making them. This pattern etc produces the most elegant lines seen on a legomutton case the finest US saddle leather and UK genuine English Bridle. It has proven extremely popular with owners of the highest end double guns and matched pairs, imaginable. These finished cases go for as much as $1500 US. No triflers, tire kickers, please. You must make me an offer. I will leave this offer online until June 15th. Those who have purchased tools I've been selling off will know the quality of my work and may also have an interest in pursuing this offer.
  4. Stephanie, try the Yahoo address. Turns out I forgot how to send or receive private messages. I have two machines and am retiring with a heck of a deal for you...promise
  5. Sure. Send me a private email along with a photo or two of your work.
  6. I have a few options on hand. Can you explain details re your application?
  7. I want to pass on business, specifically a single customer with irregular but constant requirements for high value case work. This is best suited to a younger leather craftsperson with experience under their belt at hand sewing round case work. Immediate order(s) at hand. This comes with ample opportunity for you to expand this particular item to a very large market. No cost to you for the lead. You must be able to prove your skill per above via photo's, etc. The offer may be better suited to someone in NW USA and Canada (I'm located near Calgary) but, open to all per above criteria.
  8. Woolies, have you found a machine? I am retiring (4th try) and have a Mach 1 leather machine (personally have sewn 3 layers of 8/9 oz) and a refurbished table mounted fine tailoring machine that sews like a dream (everything from fine cloth's to canvas and lighter leathers). Taking offers. Meant to add, am east of Calgary a tad.
  9. Send me a private email and I'll introduce you to an alternative frame.
  10. Stumbled across your dated post. I have one, retiring, would discuss if you're still interested.
  11. I'm slowly getting out of the business and would love to pass along PATTERNS, WOOD FORMS for travel bags, legOmutton cases, cartridge bags and know how, including how to PROPERLY...sew butted seams (and never,ever believe it's a piece of cake). It's all done for you. Know head scratching. No tire kickers please! This would fit the future for a craftsperson beyond 35 years of age with an advanced skill set. THe cost? Yes. You need to make me an offer...but I won't break your bank acct.
  12. SALE FINISHED! Thanks to all who participated.
  13. RETIRING!!!I TOOLS FOR SALE. I have a long list of tools for sale with photo's available on my web site (click on each photo for details). https://robertcochrane.com/ I will respond to requests for pricing on specific tools, most are high quality Vergez Blanchard and all at a good price discount. No triflers, tire kicking, please. Also have a fair bit of materials, manuals, patterns and sewing forms for sale. I will be adding more photo's as time goes along.
  14. Stumbled upon your first post when looking for direction on advertising my case and bag business (patterns, how to, a host of manuals, hand tools) along with teaching buyer complex case and bag work sporting case and travel oriented. My background includes working under instruction from N. America's best saddler and, one of England's foremost masters during heyday of leathergoods early to late 1900's. Let me know if this might interest you, trusting it doesn't offend.
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