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    Done things from a more artistic sense like 3d sculptures to tooling pictures as well as practical like purses, bags and even journals. I have a hard time picking one thing.
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    New creative ways to work with leather.
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  1. LeatherPlusArtGalore

    Log Cabin

    So I was able to work on my cabin during the past week and I made a stained glass window. I just used waxed thread to glue in the lead lines for the design. I glued them to the thin sheets of clear plastic with a picture of my design behind it for a guide. Then I used gallery glass paint to add in the color. I had a lot of fun with this window, It helped with the repetitiveness of making all the other windows. I have three more on the side of the cabin to do and I want to add two dormer windows on the roof.
  2. LeatherPlusArtGalore

    My first pair of sandals

    Hey thanks. I'll have to look into that. Thanks for the info. Sorry for the late response. Haven't been on the computer too much. Working on projects and enjoying spring. Thank you.
  3. LeatherPlusArtGalore

    Camping Stools

    Thank you so much. Sorry for the delay response.
  4. LeatherPlusArtGalore

    My first pair of sandals

    Thank you.
  5. LeatherPlusArtGalore

    Small purse, with carved and painted feather

    You did a really great job on that. Love the feather. It's fun. Your stitches are very clean.
  6. LeatherPlusArtGalore

    New Beer Growler Carrier

    Came out really nice. Great job!
  7. LeatherPlusArtGalore

    My first leather project

    Those are awesome. I just posted a pair of sandals that I made. My first pair.
  8. LeatherPlusArtGalore

    My first pair of sandals

    So I have been interested in making shoes so I decided to give it a go and made my first pair of sandals. A little rough but I am pretty pleased with them.
  9. LeatherPlusArtGalore

    Dog Collars Using Angelus Paints from FrogJelly

    You did a really good job on those. I made one for my dog along time ago. But it was just plain with his info on it. I don't even think i took a picture of it.
  10. LeatherPlusArtGalore

    a few Bracelets

    Those are really nice.
  11. LeatherPlusArtGalore

    Made with honor.

    Very nice work. I love the color and the detail. Very awesome
  12. LeatherPlusArtGalore

    Camping Stools

    Those came out really nice. My favorites are the turtle and tree. I've thought of making one of those. I made a butterfly chair once. It's my "crusin" chair.
  13. LeatherPlusArtGalore

    Sheridan tote bag

    Very sharp. You do excellent work.
  14. LeatherPlusArtGalore

    Bifold wallet

    I really like the wallet. You did a really good job on it. I love the color.