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  1. Jirka

    Decision On A Clicker Press

    Hi Yanni, I just found out this topic. What type did you choose please? I can buy Atom G222 for really goon money, so I’m courious about your experience if you chosen G222. Thanks, Jirka
  2. Hello, may I ask you what is serial number please? One of my Pfaffs has #4884212 and and It’s already green one. Thank you very much, Jirka
  3. Jirka

    Early Pfaff 335

    Hello everybody, did anyone know when the early Pfaff 335 were black with old Pfaff logotype (serif typography)? I have one from 1952 and it's already green with gold Pfaff logotype which is without oval peripheral lines. I'm just curious about that, because I would like to paint it black, I just like it. Thanks a lot, Jirka