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    I use a program called "CraftMaker Pro" that I'd originally bought for my wife and her jewelry making. It will allow you to keep up with materials for each item you make and add the time, etc. I don't include anything like thread and dye, but I add lace by the inch and things like that. At least for me starting out, it gives me a baseline to make sure I'm not losing ground.
  2. I'm the same, being out in the boonies. I have a VSAT internet connection and was fooling with Tinkercad, but ended up giving up and switched to Microsoft's 3D Builder. Somewhat similar to Tinkercad, as it's also a beginners CAD program. I had imported an image and had a 3D model for a stamp in a couple of hours last night. That was the first I'd ever opened the program. I suspect it'll suit me for most of my 3D printed stamp needs.