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  1. I have been spending quite some time checking out this site and trying to go through my 111w and get it up stitching correctly. After going through all the manuals available - the Army manual, the Navy manual, aircrew manual and the original Singer I have flooded my brain with too much information and can't see the forest for the trees!! I have got my pressure feet at different heights, and my tension controller is now not letting the release shaft open the tension disc. I have pretty much gone back to the original Singer manual and doing each task as it is in the manual. Question...how do you set the feed eccentric to 0? I have my SPI wheel set to the number of SPI but don't see a 0. Thank you ahead of time for your knowledge and assistance! Bill
  2. Thanks for your time and information. Unfortunately my internet has been spotty to say the least and am finally able to follow up on your replies. Thanks again Bill
  3. Thanks for your opinions. I didn't really want to drive to Spokane anyway!
  4. Thanks for the information Wiz. I have looked at almost every model of Consew that is on their website but still don't have a clue as to what model it is. Do you know where Consew would stamp their serial #? My 111W serial number is so easy to find. Thanks again
  5. This is being sold by and estate service and they don't know much about it. I asked a repairman here in Missoula and thought it was a 206 model but it has different thread tension wheels. I also don't think this is a walking foot but I am still new to sewing. Any help would be appreciated. I must also say that this forum is great!! The knowledge of the users here has taught me a lot all ready and plan on learning more! Thanks, Bill
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