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  1. JazzBass

    Sealing leather

    I agree that the Pro dye is far superior to many others... Another thing to do though, is to brush your piece after drying. Pigment that does not penetrate should be removed before sealing with Resoline, Super Sheen or other waxes/oils, or you can get running or rub off from the unabsorbed pigment.
  2. JazzBass

    Is Facebook now Vegan????

    What's really surprising amongst all of this, is that, for many years, a lot of people have been worried about Orwell's "1984" becoming reality, with "big brother" surveilling every aspect of our lives...BUT INSTEAD, the people have essentially decided to surveil themselves!!! Snap a selfie - "here I am at XYZ" etc etc. As a result, it is not the government per se that is functioning as the "thought police" today- it is the private sector. Back to the point of the original post - the question is, what do we actually want done about private company censorship, shadow banning, outright banning, manipulating what is actually "trending", etc. ? I am NOT one who calls for government regulation of private companies in general, even in the face of such reprehensible behavior. People voluntarily click "I agree" in the terms of service. HOWEVER ,HOWEVER, HOWEVER - These companies, through their dishonest policies, have FAR more influence on election results than any Russian plot could ever dream of. The deliberate manipulation of political speech, ads, etc., amounts to billions of equivilent dollars in the political arena. For such deliberate abuse, there absolutely should be prosecutions for violation of election laws - if a TV station refused to run a political ad due to their bias, they would be fined and possibly lose their license. There is no "license" for social media, but unless and until they CLEARLY state that all opinions contrary to theirs will not be permitted on the site, they should be shut down entirely, solely for their deliberate election interference. In the end, I'm betting that "Atlas Shrugged" will ultimately be a more prescient work than "1984", meaning that a time WILL come when those who produce, will simply refuse to play the game of the leftist collectivists who believe that they have a moral claim upon what you create.
  3. JazzBass

    Proposition 65

    I bought a C.S. Osborne head knife, and it came with a prop65 sticker warning about "cancer and reproductive harm", while not even mentioning that it's sharp. Reproductive harm???...only if I drop it in my lap. Ignore it. The most beautiful state in the country has long since been destroyed by idiots.
  4. Getting such a good match to the color of the basketweave and the handle, on an otherwise black sheath is fantastic! Wow, that braid looks difficult - it must be tough to get it to look as even and consistent. Great job!
  5. Ok...can't help it... When I saw the initials, I wanted to say, "Vladimir Putin will love his new growler". Hey, somebody had to say it! LOL
  6. Wow...the fit, around the tapered bottle is amazing. What is that stitch called? It looks similar to a "baseball" stitch, where it is tension-ed by pulling from the "inside"...if that makes sense.
  7. Regarding Resolene - I find that it has a noticeable solvent effect on dye and or antiquing. The pro dye you'll be using is a lot more stable in this regard than the Eco-flow (water based) dyes. In any case, be sure to thoroughly brush the dyed surface after it's dry, before applying Resolene or any other top coat. You must remove any pigment that did not penetrate the leather, or it will be "floated" and can cause smearing. (been there, done that).
  8. If there are any flaws, I sure can't spot them! Beautiful work!
  9. JazzBass

    Leather Top Hat

    Yes, that rolled edge on the brim looks especially good. Nice!
  10. Well, sometimes slick, quick and practical just works. Your sheath, however, should have a mounting hole near the top (handle side)...it's such a work of art that it's not something to throw in the tool bag or a drawer, as with mine - yours deserves a prominent place on the wall! :)
  11. I used an abrasive stone in my Dremel/drill press to countersink the back side of the Sam Browne button. There is no contact. The sheath is asymetrical...on the left side, the welt has an "extension" that holds that tip... the knife does not go straight into the sheath, you holster it by putting the left corner in, then rotating the right side up and in. It seemed about the simplest way to do it and keep it secure.
  12. Ok, I'll suffer the embarassment... a pic was in this post:
  13. Geez...now I'm almost embarassed that I did such a "utilitarian" job on the sheath for my head knife. Nice design, and beautiful execution.
  14. The best thing I learned about dye, is that it is not paint. It is meant to penetrate, not to cover. After allowing dye to dry, the surface should be brushed, to remove any pigment that has not penetrated the material, otherwise it will run or rub off at the first opportunity. After brushing, then it can be sealed with waxes, or acrylics etc.
  15. JazzBass

    Leatherman Case

    Were these wet molded? If so, how do you keep the tooling so crisp and sharp when molding? They look wonderful!