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    Carving/tooling, stitching/construction, pattern making, holsters.
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  1. I can't decide which rig I like better!
  2. JazzBass

    Learning the Head Knife...an epiphany!

    Ben Franklin, 1738
  3. JazzBass

    Learning the Head Knife...an epiphany!

    @bikermutt07 You (and others) should read the introduction to the very first "Poor Richard's Almanac" by Benjamin Franklin, 1738. He humorously indicates a similar problem with his wife. I guess that nothing is new... I should copy/paste it here.
  4. JazzBass

    Learning the Head Knife...an epiphany!

    We might all crash the server as every member unburdens themselves with such an admission. Tim Allen got it right...we love our tools!!
  5. JazzBass

    Learning the Head Knife...an epiphany!

    @bikermutt07 and @hwinbermuda: We're all "friends of Bill W" when it comes to tools. Maybe there's a "Friends of Tim Allen 12 Step Program" somewhere...
  6. JazzBass

    3D printed floral tracing pattern

    Gorgeous! The results speak for themselves.
  7. JazzBass

    Learning the Head Knife...an epiphany!

    Never thought of that one...AND it's cheap. One could cover an entire benchtop for the cost of a decent small cutting board. The other surface I use, is a type-specific, 2'x3' cutting mat. 5 ply pvc, self sealing. Good product, but I'll remember MDF for my next bench! https://www.amazon.com/US-Art-Supply-Professional-Scrapbooking/dp/B00L5I8RTW/ref=sr_1_fkmrnull_1?keywords=US+Art+Supply+24"+x+36"+GREEN%2FBLACK+Professional+Self+Healing+5-Ply+Double+Sided+Durable+Non-Slip+PVC+Cutting+Mat&qid=1553202875&s=arts-crafts&sr=1-1-fkmrnull
  8. JazzBass

    Learning the Head Knife...an epiphany!

    Haha! Folks from the Depression era were EXTREMELY good at saving, improvising, and repurposing just about everything!
  9. JazzBass

    Learning the Head Knife...an epiphany!

    WOW...that's EXACTLY what my grandfather used to do too!
  10. JazzBass

    Jenny Lind? trunk...

    BEAUTIFUL!! I've rarely seen a trunk so nicely done. This must have taken quite a bit of both time and skill. Kudos, my friend! Anyone would be proud to own that.
  11. JazzBass

    Learning the Head Knife...an epiphany!

    Interesting... I DO like the clicker's knife, as it's the knife my grandfather used for years at Endicott-Johnson shoes. I can certainly see the half-round knife as being wonderfully useful. Remember...I'm still a relative newcomer - it's just nice to find that I was wrong about this tool. re: the clicker's knife - do you resharpen the blades, or just replace them? I found that the ones from Tandy need at least stropping, right out of the package. Nonetheless, it's probably the best knife for really tight curves. Poly board...I found that poundo board was too soft, resulting in what you mentioned - digging in too much. For skiving, I use the slab so the point can glide.
  12. JazzBass

    3D printed floral tracing pattern

    Wow...it takes the idea of craft aids and tap-offs to a whole new level. It does look like the lines are a bit thick... curious about how you feel about the result, and if you'd make any "adjustments" to subsequent patterns. In any case, this is a real winner! Those tap-offs look like they'd last forever.
  13. I've always found that accurate cutting, for me, might just be THE biggest challenge in leather work. I have tried many knives, but had avoided the round knife ONLY BECAUSE of all the comments I've seen online, talking about the difficulty of learning to use one, (essentially) due to a relatively steep learning curve. WRONG!!! I LOVE this knife! It does most everything that other knives do, and does it better in most cases. Learning curve? Well, sure...every new type of tool has a skill set to be developed, BUT - right off the bat, I was kicking myself for listening to the "it's too hard to learn" crowd. Almost immediately, it became my favorite knife of all. I should have known that such a unique tool with such a long history, had good reasons behind its continuing popularity with leather workers. DOH!! (forehead slap) So don't shy away from the head knife...if you don't have one yet, make it next on your list of tools. You won't be sorry - it's not THAT difficult to learn, and it's worth its weight in gold IMHO. I can't say enough about this great tool.
  14. JazzBass

    This MUST be a Joke!! ...Nope!

    how about leaving lame political comments off the forum  First of all, it was a joke that was just too tempting. Second... This stuff effects all of us. Unless we want to have what we do eventually regulated or even outlawed based upon some inane, extremest policies, we had better pay attention to what we are paying for. Maybe I should have put this in "off topic", since the warning is not really part of leather work per se - but beyond that...ease up a bit, my friend. Realistically, my "lame political comment" could only bother the indoctrinated. Back to the bench...with my new knife