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  1. If you are going to do anything for patterns that will bee exported (make acrylic templates, laser cutting, ect...) you will need a program that does cost a bit... My suggestion: Fusion 360- FREE for hobbyists and small business applications, exportable file types, can render well (providing you built the model well) Yes- its a steep learning curve and it is NOT intuitive to some... BUT- here is the best part- its a skill that once learned can be VERY transformative in your planning and execution of projects. If you already have patterns you wish to capture into a program- look for a 2D CAD or plotting software. Whatever program you choose- please make sure it exports in the file format(s) you will need. Nothing more savage than to try and get something laser cut and they charge you a fee for converting a file... or worse they cut your file and ALL the patterns are wrong due to file/data inconsistencies. And seriously- all joking aside- its NOT out of your skill/time... if you need the tool or are serious about upping your game in leather (or in most shop projects)- then you will need to devote time to the things that will accelerate you. You can either 1- pay someone else to do it or 2- Learn to do it. (I hated Fusion 360... but needed it to collaborate on other projects in my shop... After spending dedicated 45-60 hours with it... Now I am able to do things I paid others to do in the past.)
  2. Hey Vike! Love the bells- One thing of note in the picture above- I hope you ran a chainsaw/rat-tail file through those holes to clean up the flash from the hole punch! That gnarly little edge can chew slowly through things... Fit and finish of things is a fidgety thing! I definitely like the bell link as well- thanks for sharing! Great project!
  3. Criticism? Seriously- you are joking... you have single-handedly achieved the trifecta of good stewardship to your craft here... 1- You went and used resource material with heritage, and like most good creators saw a potential in another object to re-purpose to your own needs and modified it. 2- You chose and executed embellishment in a style and manner of your own taste and liking (it was for your personal use- if you like it- nothing else matters) AND gave breath to the source of your artwork inspiration/theme (Bravo there!) 3- You not only acted in good craft, but you documented your journey and have contributed to a body of knowledge for others to enjoy/learn from or adapt. BRAVO! Now Ive gotta find that rabbit hole too... HA! Awesome work.
  4. I only have one machine- a Brother LS2 (Consew 206 clone) for leather- so please take this as advice from someone who has only seen other shops. If you have a run of items with differing threads it can pay to have a second machine set up and tuned to the heavier or lighter weight. Many shops have dedicated machines set up for one thread/weight combination. My experience is with a local to me fellow who mainly sews upholstery- but has a Brother industrial set up in the back just for sewing Kevlar/Nomex threads for fire/DoD/Mil-spec items. The Kevlar doesn't do well in his "everyday driver" he says and it saves time with his runs and repair work. Others with more experience Im sure will chime in but there are other threads here where folks speak of having a "specialty machine" for specific jobs. Hope this helps- be safe and enjoy the new year! Kerri
  5. If you are near the Eastern Shore of VA/MD/DE there is a 211 Singer industrial with table and tuned up ready to sell- here is the original Marketplace link- I bet she is pretty motivated to sell it cheap now (its been over a month) SINGER 211 165 EASTERN SHORE VA/MD/DE
  6. HA! Im in Norfolk- I get up to Salisbuy and Onancock some- beautiful area! Got family friends in Delaware so we are through your area a fair bit.
  7. the "SEND ME YOUR EMAIL" is suspicious- you can attach pictures here and as Latigo said- put info out on this forum. I will send you a PM here- but not my personal email.
  8. I appreciate the rivets on the bolsters- with horn/antler it can get slick fast- those look to be just a bit proud and "knobby" which in this case look awesome with the style and the need for a grip. Great line- is that a false swedge on the spine or is it flat? Looks nice indeed- the sheath- is quite the match as well! Love the tooling and as others pointed out the thread choice! Kerri
  9. Welcome! The Wife and I get down that way every so often- good to know another knifemaker as well! Stock removal or are you a forge out then grind fellow?
  10. Bert- are you local to ANY machine shop? If you have access to a machine shop they may be able to put you on to someone who sharpens things with a "TOOL AND CUTTER GRINDER" used for finishing and re-fluting drills and helical mills- Reason I suggest a machine shop is they would have a Surface Grinder that may handle the 90 deg face well- Hope this helps- perhaps a bit of a barter would do you well there? Hope this helps- I know in my other hobbies I have found local guys to do odd work or one-offs as a favor for a casting or a bit of leather work. Be safe and let us know what you wind up doing! Kerri
  11. Thanks Chrisash! I've already downloaded the parts chart- according to that my machine is the same as the base unit "997 E3" model. But same issue- no manual or dates... I am leaning towards 1990's era due to the font and color scheme but here again- I'm not knowledgeable in this arena. I certainly appreciate the help! I literally found the chart about 2 hours after posting my initial question - you beat me to it! Silver Forge
  12. Like the title says- its not for sewing leather- but hoping this will add a bit more finish and up the look to my bag liners and canvas pieces- price was beyond fair as the fellow just wanted it out of his shop. Its quite a little beastie too! Weighs in pretty hefty and solid! (I would say 20+ pounds). But I am posting as I now have to learn this bad boy- and can not find a "Users manual" only a parts guide online. A lot of trial and error and a few yards of fabric to start on a Saturday in the garage may do the trick to start... Also I have no idea of the "age" or "worth" of this machine as any "Groogle" search comes up with everything BUT Singer machines... When I type in "Singer 997E10" or the model and "Overlock" I get nothing remotely looking like this machine... I doubt I found a unicorn... but Searches with "serger", "Overlocker", "997_E10" and various industrial/commercial word combinations bring up nothing for me... I AM looking at work through a firewall- but I hardly think sewing machines are a big red-flag item for being blocked. For those who use or used an Overlock/Serger- She has a 1/2hp clutch... are these little guys "better" with a servo like the "real" sewing machines where slow control is needed at times? Any help appreciated or direction to look. Thanks folks! -Silver Forge
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