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  1. SilverForgeStudio

    This MUST be a Joke!! ...Nope!

    Its not just limited to things you buy- Look at the British knife laws, the Aussie gun laws and the ever expanding "Allergy" listings on many products... I make knives as a hobby and was recently un-invited from a show because my products are "violent in nature"... and not allowed to be shown to the public... "No weaponry allowed" was the wording in the letter How is a cheese knife any more violent than a rolling pin in the hands of someone who wants to commit a crime??
  2. SilverForgeStudio


    Not wanting to toss further pics to the mix- JLS has a good goal and his *motivation... Risque can be quite the motivator- but there again- its all a matter of perception! Took the pics- will hold off posting as the maritime rescue team will try to hose me down and keep me wet till they can get me off-shore... Go BikerMutt! JLS- you got some competition! If you want to do a 90 day challenge let me know- Im in for it
  3. SilverForgeStudio


    @JLSleather and @bikermutt07 ... BOTH are great stories- one at the end and one just beginning... JLS- I'll bite and take the challenge! Pics after work tonight- Im at the same space except the wife joined the gym too!
  4. SilverForgeStudio

    Something odd happening to Profiles

    Wonder if this has any connection to the thread Harry in Bermuda had with a "leatherworker" file of late trying to install...
  5. SilverForgeStudio

    Pocket notebook cover.

    I like the tooling! Looks great
  6. SilverForgeStudio

    My chinese cobbler patcher arrived

    True- but for those of us who are learning and would like the ability to speed up from hand stitching and get a feel for threads and such it is a good threshold machine (albeit hand powered). It is not a replacement for hand stitching for me- just a way to keep going after hands are sore or I have a time crunch and would like to finish a batch. Being new and on a budget- it offers a bit of speed and familiarization- and a decent lower budget intro for the ability to sew thicker belts and sheaths (for me anyway) Your mileage may vary- I am time rich and money poor for the hobbies department. An even trade- a bit of labor to get it functional, and now I know a few things about what I like (and dont like) about this style of machine.
  7. SilverForgeStudio

    My chinese cobbler patcher arrived

    Looks like the standard model- mine had casting flash all over the parting line. Required a bit of grinder-love to make it not snag the thread and fingers... no bueno! Plus mine was loaded with cosmoline- had to strip it, kerosene wipe down and re-assemble (with proper gear lube for rack and oil the arm and cam pivots) before I could use it. You can make a table easily with a sink cutout from a Corian countertop (smooth and durable) or Melamine surfaced plywood easily. Why would you want these materials? Hey- glad you asked... they are smooth, easy to clean and provide the least amount of cleanup (Spray down- wipe up)... One thing you will need- the crank handle nut needs a washer or locking nut- otherwise its very frustrating to use it and have the crank fall off the shaft in your hand every so often (ask me how I know... )... One more thing you may wish to consider also is adding a witness mark to the bobbin shuttle IN THE ARM- as it sits with the crank handle at TDC (top-dead-center). This will allow you to "find" the shuttle position if you have to reload mid stitch or have to remove it for jammed threads. Silver Edit to add: Dont forget to file down the presser foot teeth!
  8. SilverForgeStudio

    Need a little help to get started

    HA! not at all- I know you're not the Harry Rodgers on UTube... You are different another Harry indeed! Sorry to the OP if that was not clear- apologies!
  9. SilverForgeStudio

    Need a little help to get started

    Keep it- store it where you will see it often... then look at it after you complete a couple of runs of things- maybe 40-50 items... You should be able to see change. If you're in Ire get involved in the local scene as well! Harry Rogers is a good source of info for belts (on the U'Tube)as well as a fellow on here who has a name with "Bermuda" in it- typing from a phone on the go my memory fails me (among other things as I get older! HA!) But he is a rather respectful fellow with a bit of wit and knowledge to his postings- look him up as well. Go for it and yes- its quite a bug. EDIT: the fellow is @hwinbermuda
  10. SilverForgeStudio

    DC motor conversion on chinese patcher machine

    Doug- your post was not too technical- but many here will use more standard parts- I have a Chinese Patcher I am using manually for now. I hope to upgrade later to something more professional- But as my skills grow I will know more about what I need and what I need to focus on. Most folks will tell you just "Try it" and see what the results are! Im interested as well... I look forward to your results! Be safe and as always- have fun! Silver
  11. SilverForgeStudio

    Horse Padfolio

    Yin- great job on the stitching- and edges from my untrained eyes! The horse neck is stretched but its a matter of perspective- as I cant do ANY of these things right now- no complaints from me- its a good showing of skill to boot! "Only draw stick figures" you say... riiiight- google "leonardo da vinci horse sketches" for a good character study in necks, shoulders and perspectives on horse "lines" It may help you some with angles and perspective. Just a thought.
  12. SilverForgeStudio

    Cow and Bison backpack

    What a cool pack! love the red/white/blue velcro threads- what other kid has a 400+ dollar backpack to kick around class in? Very nice indeed- Bravo
  13. SilverForgeStudio

    I made a belt for my son

    Cool work- looks crisp! What is 12/3 if you dont mind me asking- a 12 oz with a 3 oz backing?
  14. SilverForgeStudio

    Need a little help to get started

    From a relative new person as well- You ask what can I make? Anything leather that will pattern with those thicknesses- the thin leathers are great for making small wallets and bags or used with heavy canvas for totes and carriers. Double the layers for larger items. If you have been looking to do this for a long time- the question is not "What can I make..." Think what do you WANT to make... if you make things you want- you will be more inclined to learn versus making something that you do not care for. As for watching all the videos- they have a lot of patterns associated with them, as well as google. Search harder grasshopper- your question has the answer in it (Hint: the "All the videos" comment) Not being sarcastic- just pointing out that patterns are out there. Start with something small- seriously... not kidding... make 10 of them, learn to cut, stitch and finish each one. Maybe pint glass sleeves or coffee sleeves- pretty standard- but requires a bit of layout practice, cutting of curves, straight cuts as well as pretty spot on fitting of the cuts to make it fit the item (Pint glass sleeves are a big seller for the local brewery near me right now). Fill out your profile- let others know where you are from as well- it will help for better advice for local sources of information and ideas. Glad you are here- hope to see more from you! Silver
  15. SilverForgeStudio

    New from Alabama! *pic heavy*

    Looks like you are off and running on the addiction! Great journey so far looks like... This forum is a good place to wander the styles and learn how to focus your efforts! Bravo and welcome! SilverForge