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  1. SilverForgeStudio

    Motoko III with matching wallet and field notes

    Dude- this was awsome as a work! Tony Sees' patterns are a bit of a staple in getting folks into leatherworking- Your bag looks good with the accent pieces!
  2. SilverForgeStudio

    Drum thickness sander for thinning leather.

    @LederMaschinist Not a prob- if you want to explore a "Novel" way to thin with a knife look into the industrial planer blades- M4 or D2 and up to 18 inches long- Although at 1.25-1.5 inches wide as well. If you use any HSS you are ahead of the curve for edge retention with a decent hardness (using a chisel grind). Use some mild steel with a couple of press fit bearings, angle iron struts for bracing and stabilization and roller assembly for pinch/guide and a 16tpi thread to the blade height adjust (divisor of 64 for "easy" thickness calculations). Ive been trying to cobble one up around home but "life" keeps getting in the way- I like Rockys' sander assembly but dont have the room in my little garage for the setup... Im still just experimenting and tinkering... You may have a bit (HA! A Ton is more like it!) more ability with the machining shop versus my hacker-space tinker bench! Just a thought- Be safe and as always- have fun!
  3. SilverForgeStudio

    Drum thickness sander for thinning leather.

    Following as well- I appreciate Rocky for sharing his setup (again). Hey Leder- are you a machinist?
  4. SilverForgeStudio

    Setting Snaps

    Thank you Tony! That cleared up a bit- thank you guys as always
  5. SilverForgeStudio

    I'm in stitches !~

    Bravo man looks great!
  6. SilverForgeStudio

    Mini desktop laser, any advice?

    Ill second Latigo... Chromates burned are a baddie to the ol' breathing aparatus.... and most PVC, Polypropylene and plastics are not good either. it not just a matter of opening a window with a fan- you need to seriously consider a vent tube and fan setup that flows MORE air than you think... Tubed to a window (think dryer duct)...
  7. SilverForgeStudio

    Looking for what needle to use

    Thank you both- I will be doing this on an older singer domestic. I have both tapestry and conical point (thanks mom for giving me all the sewing room stuff)... so Im going to see how this affair goes- may be a fail- maybe not. I hope to post pics
  8. SilverForgeStudio

    Looking for what needle to use

    I have been given a roll of seat belt material... and I want to use it for some keepers (Tool holders) or straps for a few projects. In order to do this I need to sew it to itself on the ends- what needle do I use? I do not have experience with this. I realize a "Bar tacking" machine would do it- dont have one of those... These will not see heavy loads or tactical use- I was going to "Buttonhole" stitch 3 times across the overlap area with a couple of vertical button hole stitches in the middle ( Think -|-|- for a visual) Im thinking as this material is woven nylon I would not want to use a sharp needle as it would cut more fibers- So use a blunt needle and power through it?
  9. SilverForgeStudio

    Leather racing jacket

    If the boy will be racing in it with a sanctioning agency- please get the safety specs if there are any for the gear. (flame retardant, impact or pad minimums, nomex lining or what...) Some agencies are pretty strict and I wouldn't want him to get disqualified or you get a lawsuit. In another hobby- I made a pair of aluminum clamps for a fellows' dirt bike and because they weren't certified by the association or commercial safety engineers it disqualified the kid from his race. Even though they were milled from spec aluminum and heat treated to guidelines. I didnt have the impact testing materials analysis (very costly to get and you have to send in LOTS of paperwork). If its for non race wear- man have at it and post pics!
  10. SilverForgeStudio

    storing leather hides

    Leather is organic- it needs to breathe (so to speak). It can (and will) absorb odors from the environment it is stored in. I use the box it was shipped in to keep larger hides rolled up in. The important thing is to not scratch the working face of the leather by laying a hide or piece of leather on or under something else that may scar it. Your issue with the smell is the material acclimating and off-gassing a bit. As long as the material is exposed to changing moisture in the environment and airflow you will have this issue. Ironically enough- it needs the moisture and airflow to retain its properties. The only hides I plastic wrap are the oilskin style as I have several long greasy streaks on the gypsum board where I tried laying a roll in the shelf. Even these are wrapped in a towel first to wick excess oil. Sounds odd- but the wife hangs Rosemary and other herbs for scent in the staging area for my little shipping desk. OK- its actually the folding table our laundry room... but when I get done folding my shirts... its the shipping table! (Do not lay the herbs on the leather- the oils may stain it... but my mason jar sleeves have a nice aroma of rosemary and basil when I ship them out per some of my customers!) I also use lavender and some mint in a few purses I have made to make the item more appealing when opened- my thank you card is attached to the bundle. Maybe a sachet of herbs under the bed as well? Just an idea. If there is any area a roll can be stored it may serve you better- others will have better ideas- I first stored my leather in rolls behind the couch- but have upgraded to a shelf in the craft area (Read as my wife got tired of me asking for shelf space and felt pity on me! HA!). Hope this helps- be safe and let us know how you make out! Kerri
  11. Titos is very smooth- Dont get it often- but it is good! If I had a Mokka X it WOULD definitely be an oddity worthy of the Twilight Zone... but sadly- I drive a crumped up old small Mazda B3000... The Mok I refer to is a person- Here is his blog: His name is Opel Mok- I was a part of a Yahoo Group called FLASAH (almost defunct now) and he posted a lot there. Good fellow and crafty to boot! He was an Al Stohlman student and I appreciate his use of ray/snake skins. If you're ever in Virginia Beach or Norfolk, VA Ill buy the first round of mojitos or Bloody Marys! Coffee is always on in the shop and if the trucks home- I am too!
  12. HA! Edited out nothing... added my JD Coke Lemon!
  13. SilverForgeStudio

    first bag

    To "burnish" the flesh side use a good thick piece of plate glass- I was able to get a scrap from a local commercial window company- its 3/8 thick and has the clear rounded edge (You do not want to get the "Frosted" edge pieces). there are several tutorials about it- search glass burnisher on LW (this website) and youtube. For Adjustable straps that are "traditional"- look into Conway buckles- Harry Rodgers on Youtube has a good breakdown on them. I use these on my aprons with adjustable necklines and shoulder straps Im not very good at it- to be honest- but then again I just line a lot of my things- hope this helps and nice bag!
  14. @hwinbermuda Why not take this opportunity to enjoy a bit of a manicure with cover polish? Your cuticles will thank you and although I dont "do" manicures- I will tell you from having a daughter its loads of relaxation if done properly (Drink in hand- mate!) The date night for the wife is usually a foot scrub or mani/pedicure night- with dinner and a night out after. Just a thought- spoil yourself a bit- great excuse to drink some wine and relax! (Although I prefer a Burbon on the rocks or a Jack+coke-Lemon)
  15. SilverForgeStudio

    Working with snake skin

    @Chief Filipino ... He should weigh in on this one too- he tans his own rattlers as well- last I heard he was contemplating a Hawaii trip... As for the taste- I'll agree with chuck123wapiti above- tastes great.