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  1. Hello all, I searched the forum and didn't find an answer so I'm hopping you all can give me some suggestions. So I have been doing leather work on and off three years, and in that time my wife has never asked or allowed me to make her anything. That is till yesterday she asked for a fancy knife roll to use when she goes and has a cooking days with her friends. She wants one where the blades are covered. This is kind of a "failure is not an option" situation. As I got to laying things out to make a pattern I realized a potential issue. Our knives are the 50-60s style case xx knives with thick wooden handles, and we have six of them. Each scale is 3/16 thick. My concern is that this will cause problems with the panel that holds the balds or may cause large bulges on the back side. My thought was to put a panel behind the blades to reduce the sharp angles. Do you guys think this will make the hole thing too heavy, or am I just a mountain out of a mole hill? https://ibb.co/Ns4fPcK https://ibb.co/ZMjbDxr https://ibb.co/37Y3TBm Thank you for any help.
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