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  1. i bought a consew 206-rb5 flat bed machine and love it. its a workhorse and with zero prior sewing machine knowledge have managed to keep it running well for last 2 years with infrequent issues easily remedied by various resources. BUT, and i hope she doesnt hear this, had i to do it again i would have bought a comparable Cylinder bed machine instead because i can used it for mostly everything the consew can do and so much more that a cylinder bed can do too.
  2. my name is Steve P. and 2.5 years ago i converted my apartment in anaheim, Ca. into a workshop playground for this leather obsession that i apparently have. Complete with a consew RB 206-5, work 3 benches, $1000 in tools and 50 hides hanging from the ceiling. It is only a hobby so far but i have several projects going at any given time all in different stages. For myself and for friends. i have made belts, wallets, handbags, tool bags, backpacks, and custom art transferred from photos or pictures from the internet. I have never made what you are making but i am eager to learn and have tools and basic skills. Ive been to the last two leatherworkers trade shows in prescott, Az. I do have a "full time" job as a mobile home sales person and been employeed with the same company for last 8 years in Fountain Valley, Ca. but as a realtor of sorts only selling mobile homes, it has afforded me the ability to sometimes laugh at how i can earn a living and have all that free time. You are welcome to call me 714-737-1089 or bigpemp@aol.com. Thank you
  3. Myself and a friend were booked for the making realistic figure carving pieces. We were to make a lifelike portrait of sitting bull. He is horribly ill and cannot make it. If you are going to the southwest leatherworkers show and was interested in an 8 hour class tomorrow please call the Brian at leathercrafters and saddlers journal. 715-362-5393
  4. Myself and a friend were booked for the making realistic figure carving pieces. We were to make a lifelike portrait of sitting bull. He is horribly ill and cannot make it. If you are going to the southwest leatherworkers show and was interested in an 8 hour class tomorrow please call the Brian at leathercrafters and saddlers journal. 715-362-5393
  5. duh...thank you sir. adobe illustrator is way out of my league skills wise and time to learn it. I will search on here for it as you suggested. thank you
  6. Hello and thank you for participating in my forum. I have been searching for some type of software, preferably the free kind but that isn't imperative, that I might use to create patterns and templates of my own that I might print out and then use to cut out the leather pieces and make it. So what is everyone using now and where might I browse for it? Thank you in advance for sharing your wisdom. -Steve
  7. I have had good luck with proleathercarvers.com it is a site owned by Jim Linnell. He is a designer and maker and also carries stamps from several other makers. I have also had good luck with steckstore.com He carries an assorted variety and because I am the kind who would rather buy ten or 15 at a time at $5.99 each and use them one time during a practice session knowing I might just find several that I really like what I can do with them and give the others away, I go there. I also have some 25 stamps from the gentleman from Bulgaria who is mentioned above. Yes, his products are very detailed and exceptional if you are looking for stamps that are very unique and designed to be used to make complete designs or backgrounders. Lately I am into tooling and carving pictures and characters and they aren't really for shaping of leather in my opinion. Hope this helps.
  8. You can also use the hand wheel going forward but holding the reverse lever down will give you 100% control with your backstitch. I own and use a consew 206RB-5 and was brand new to sewing and leatherwork 1 year ago. trial and error my friend. have fun with it. go slow and practice your gas peddle foot. you can always ask me anything regarding the machine. I am not an expert in any stretch of the imagination. hell, I am still a rookie in my eyes but I have been through a lot with this machine.
  9. First of all I love the machine. I knew nothing about sewing with a machine or by hand until I started sewing leather 8 months ago. I am on the machine almost daily. still know mostly nothing. I was using just the hand wheel and every time I make a stitch and the needle is almost back to top position I hear a sound like threat trying to get through a thorn bush. So I opened the bed window and flashed a light in on the bobbin while continuing tp roll the hand wheel forward and sure enough every time the needle picks up the bobbin thread and rotates one time around the bobbin case, the thread gets hung up ever so briefly. I am going as slow as possible using the hand wheel and I can actually sew but the faster I go, the top thread starts to shred which eventually ends in thread snapping. I am using tex90 thread and 21-23 needles. I noticed that when I use reverse it really seems to snag and get held up. so much that I can actually feel the friction through the machine. Thank you for sharing your expertise in helping me to find answers that do not cost $145 per hour. Sincerely, Steve
  10. thanks again Mr. Wiz. check on all that you recommended. I have 7 projects going at once now all friend/customers. I absolutely love my consew machine. I can hardly wait for the show coming up in Prescott. hope to see you there
  11. I am excited to attend my first show too. I have friends in Tuscan but I dont know about the 4 hour drive from there after I have already driven 7hours from southern California. Since I have turned my living and dining rooms into a leather workshop complete with sewing station for my consew 206rb-5, stamping/tooling station, cutting table, and I have 45 hides hanging from the ceiling I figured I had better go if it is this close. been working with leather for 8 months now. Picked it up and ran with it after my girlfriend of 11 years passed on and haven't looked back. love leather as a medium and it allows my creativity to flourish. hope to see you all there. I will be the 6'7" dude with the s%#t eating grin who is acting like a 1o year old at his first baseball game.
  12. Don't know how to say this so I will just say it and if none of you never help me in the future, then I don't necessarily blame you guys (and girls). I woke up this morning and went right over to the machine and turned the pulley around. I was installing both of them the way that was obviously right to me. small nipple side out instead of in the hole provided in the machine. And I cannot even start a sentence with "in my defense..." YES gentlefolks. You cant get anything by me...that's for sure. Please, since I cannot buy you all a drink, have a good laugh on me...laughs are on me, laughs all around. I love it. I quoted you all because everyone deserves a laugh. thx steve
  13. i feel like I am in the twilight zone. when I took off the simple nut and the lockwasher washer kind of thing, the consew 50 mm pulley didn't fit on the machine. I took a picture of the way it was before I touched it for reference and the when I revoved the wheel, there were only 3 things. the new wheel is maybe a sixteenth thicker than the 55mm. couldn't fit on the new one so tried to re-install the original and ot it is like the shaft shortened. before and after and there is no way to get the nut on it even with the original on it....I am trippin first picture is before I touched it. second picture is with the original wheel back on it and same hardware. 2nd picture the wheel is against the servo motor housing and I don't think it will turn
  14. every word you wrote made perfect sense to me. makes total sense. originally I bought a full cast iron 6" pulley but it didn't have the screws coming through it to tighten it to the shaft so I returned it and got a new one with spokes but still cast iron and heavier than the original. once I get the machine up and running again (after thread stuck in my hook and my aggressive extraction threw my machine out of whack) I will explore my set up and see where I am. in truth one of the reasons I wanted a larger wheel is because my hands are ver large and I enoy and larger wheel to tug on. thank you again for sharing
  15. thank you Lee. isn't that Seiko an almost exact match for the consew I have? I downloaded the manual for that one and it is much better than what consew offers. so you have a big wheel on the same kind of machine as mine. and more effective. that's great. how long have you been operating this wy?
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