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  1. Your work is fantastic and I called Clint at Ironarnknives to make a damascus bowie for me so i can do a nice case! Your work inspires me and those blades on Wild Rose are super as well!
  2. This is a great site with helpful folks so Welcome Aboard!There are many highly qualified craftspersons and I have learned alot of excellant tips and techniques! Good Luck!
  3. Size Matters WOW I wish I had a pic of the one did for the Desert Eagle last year ,you did agreat job and the pistol does'nt dwarf the Leather!
  4. I do clean my SW patches with Soap/water and Auto hand cleaners after use and allow them to dry,you can reuse them quite a while.I use a tyrap on the bottles with a picture hook to hang my daubers on that way you can reuse them multiple times.
  5. Welcome aboard! I am a SASS Life member and have been doing leather for 20yrs or so.Started doing Cival War gear and have done about everything related to Cowboy action shooting.Good Luck this is agreat forum w good people!
  6. I am very happy with my Cobra Class 4 machine and you get Steve for support!
  7. I was hoping You would come around!It's really not hard and if you mess up you can back up evan!I have always been pleased that folks on here are so supportive!Post when you are done,so we can see your progress!
  8. That work looks very professional...There are some very good books on Lacing that would get you headed in the right direction.It would be a shame to allow someone else to finish that project and You would get so much satisfaction from the lacing,it's really not hard!.Do a small project for practice , then think about it!Good Luck
  9. Great Work,Thanks for Your service and God speed Your safe return home!
  10. Welcome Your Work Is Great,I would love to be able to carve like that!I have been doing Cowboy and Reinactor leather for some years now, but have little experience with carving/stamping, so I do admire that work.Your english is not a problem here!
  11. Looks Good what Oz did You use? the edge work is very fine also!
  12. TwinOaks makes a good point, but those systems can be pricey.here in maryland our Ground temp stays at about 58f below the frost line(36") So if you used closed loop tech you would only be raising the temp from that baseline to livable room temp of say 70f.A ground loop heat exchanger/heat pump cuold prove effective but there is no sub for a good insulating package!
  13. As the cost of heating/cooling increases every year, you should spend some up front $ on good windows/doors and plenty of insulation.My walls are R19 and the cealling is R38 so it takes very little energy to keep it comfy.Upright Freezer running and lighting seems to keep it livable in Winter,but if Humidity is High (Wash.DC) then I turn on the wall unit for cooling.The 6" walls ,2x6 on 24" centers are cheaper to build ,so it makes perfect sense to plan it that way.I took a solar energy course in college and about half the time was devoted to Insulation Tech.Good Luck on Your expansion!
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