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  1. Hi there which one did you end up buying and is it working for you. As advertised. thanks m
  2. I am looking as well. Does the cobra 14 actually cut 14”. Same with cowboy 20” cut 20” wide. Not much real info. No video I could find cutting a piece that wide. I have some products that I would like to split down that are wide. Might be cheaper just to get correct thickness of leather but with covid it’s been hard to find leather and get it the size stated.
  3. HI there I am looking for a cobra splitter if anyone has one for sale. Thanks Mike
  4. HI there Made the decision to buy the ferdco 2000. The deal was good for my budget. I got it home and setup for sewing and this is working great. The one issue that I cannot seem to adjust is the presser feet. When the needle is down I cannot pick up the pressor feet to turn my work. If the needle is up no problem.... I have adjusted the banana bolt and its all the way in the up position but still the pressor feet only lift about 3/8 of a inch while needle is down and not enough to move my work. If I take off the outside side cover and look into the side the presser feet will function normal. When I put the cover on it does not work. Seems like there is a interference from the cover. Nothing in the manual about why this would be happening. Maybe this is how these machine are made. The old Adler I ran did not have issues with this. Any help would be great. Thanks
  5. Thanks for the number and looks like they have the parts. Thanks so much. One more question.... It seems that the ferdco 2000 new comes with no feed dogs. Having just run a old Adler that was setup with feed dogs do most of you folks not run with feed dogs. Seems like you might miss a hole on a back stitch with out the compound feed. Any help would be great.
  6. HI there SO I worked out a price about $1300 lower then new price but after reading the manual this ferdco does not ship from the factory with feed dogs or plate. Looked online and cannot find them. You folks mentioned that the machines are basically the same as the cobra. What about this special ferdco needle guide that they have. Is the Cobra the same machine in that area.. I am not a facebook person so not sure how to look at the facebook site. The other thing I noticed on the machine is that the outside presser feet do not move.. Just the middle one..... Is there a material setup that would have the timing off this far. The manual explains how to adjust this but wondering. Have not made the purchase till I can be sure the parts are there. No one local in my area. Any recommendations would be great to call.
  7. thanks again everyone for your help. It is a lot to think about when stepping up to make this kind of purchase M
  8. Thanks for the advise. Didnt think about the warranty part and support. It says Juki. Pro 2000 right on the front. From what I have read is a 1993 model. Many folks seem to love there cobra and cowboy etc.... Cant find a bunch of info on ferdco to place a value on it. The machine runs well and was told it has sat in a closet most of its life and has a ton of accessories . Not knowing much as I have never ran a cobra or other 441 clone. Just a older Adler is all.. The price is just a little under new cost. Can you still get parts for the juki machines or would you be just buying clone parts. is there a fit and finish to your final product that makes it worth it. Thanks
  9. Hi there folks Have the opportunity to purchase a Juki Ferdco 2000... Its a older model with little use. The price is about the same as a new one or buying new cobra4. I am wondering if you folks can tell me if the old version of this machine is some how better then the new one. Hard to justify buying old if its the same machine... Trying to buy my first one and wanting to make the right call on this. The older one has been upgraded to a servo motor. Any help would be great Thanks
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