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  1. Sperrier

    Arrow quiver

    might i suggest a matching arm guard to complete the look. It looks great, well done.
  2. I hope I can get involved in the next round. The rounder looks great btw.
  3. Sperrier

    Frog & Lotus

    very impressive
  4. Sperrier

    Walther PPS M2 Pancake Holster

    i did burnish the the edges. i had the outside looking like black glass. I burnished them 2 times, once before wet molding and then after it dried as the wet molding had undone some of my edge work. I cannot tell you how many people stressed the importance for professional looking pieces to have a nicely finished edge. Since I was paid for this piece, i wanted it to look its best. Thanks for the advice on the belt slots, i did not get them to same level as the outside edge.
  5. Sperrier

    Walther PPS M2 Pancake Holster

    I totally agree with you on the outer stitch line, it was very close when i was sanding to match up the to sides after they were glued. I had the same concern with mine fitting so i first made a paper version and moving the lines in closer because paper is thinner and used staples on the stitch lines. That is how i caught my problem and added room on the trigger side stitch line.. The belt slots do have some burnish but it was difficult to get in there like the outside, any suggestions? My next hurdle is he wants me to make a few more and figuring out what to charge.
  6. Sperrier

    Linothorax Ancient Greek Armor

    it is a very nice piece.
  7. My very first holster and my very first commissioned piece. I think it turned out good. The customer loved it. I have to pay thanks to JLS holster patterns and instructions, the many hours of youtube videos, and the Tandy Leather holster/knife class to help inspire this work. Tell me what you think.
  8. I saw those but wasnt sure how well they would adhere to leather. I will use those next time as it does take alot of glue to cover an 8"x8" or larger area.
  9. FYI . instead of suede backing, I used black craft foam sheets available at any craft store or walmart. I had no issue with the contact cement adhering to it and it looked more like a typical mouse pad since it does not need sewing.
  10. it works without issue. i used super sheen to seal it which I thought might help the light reflect.
  11. Here is my first attempt at a mouse pad. I made several of them as gifts. This has given me confidence to move on to more projects for sure.