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  1. I made this for a work friend to thank him for a favor. He said that all the minimal wallets were ugly. I rose to the challenge on my second attempt with a modified pattern by Tony, first was too minimal as I didn't allow room to sew. He was impressed. I cannot wait to see the patina on it after some good use.
  2. I used a 5oz oil tan leather from SLC. I used 1.5MM craft wire in the brim. I made this for an actual sailing pirate that would experience high winds and the wire was not made for that, so I fixed the sides in-place like in the Pirate movies. I would use 2MM or 3MM to handle wind.
  3. Congrats on a cool design and the movie. I hope that you are making it in the credits.
  4. Here is my very first hat. my first commissioned piece for a self declared pirate captain no less. It was a lot of fun to make. I fould the perfect oil tanned leather at SLC and the pattern is from dieselpunk.ro. It gave it just the right look. I have already been asked to make another, and so it begins.
  5. the tooling is amazing. if you still have learning to do, my hobbiest eyes cannot see it. You should be very proud.
  6. Here is my first attempt at a long wallet and Pyrography. It is 5oz outside/2oz inside veg tan with Fiebing's pro dye mohogany finished with Leather Balm with atom wax. I got new stuff for christmas and it seems like the perfect project/gift. I had a few issues all minor but any input for my next one will be appreciated. First, I used Fiebing's leather balm. It turned grey and congilled on the leather and i had to really power buff it to work it out 98%, see picture2 ,ideas? The other 2 were my first stich line to close to edge and trying to add a second stich line to an already assembled wallets. I love doing this stuff and amazed at what i have learned in under a dozen projects.
  7. That is a wonderful gift. I love the detailed tooling, well really all of it. It makes me want to do more.
  8. Merry Chirstmas/Happy Holidays. Enjoy your time with Family and Friends.
  9. You could even put it in a shadow box and hang it on the wall. After all, it is a great piece of art.
  10. i agree the tooling looks great. Can not wait to see the finished product.
  11. very nice work. You may need to show that leather folding technique, it is reaaly good.
  12. i like that dragon scale stamp. i have thinking of getting one. godd job.
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