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  1. I fully agree with the 50 year old comment, they were quite pleased to tell me most of the machines were 100+ year olds. I happened to be passing through the area so popped in, bought a couple of items and got the tour. To be honest, didn't really know what I was getting (I had just started out, and had seen the name many times). I use the round knife I got them pretty much everyday since. The edger...I think iv used about 3 times, as I got a nice one from Asia which seams to cut cleaner, stay sharper, and is small so easier to use. I do think they are still going by reputation only. That being said, really enjoyed the visit
  2. Hi all, just wanted to say when I first started out in leather work, my first little research had me looking at VB. On the way back from a wedding in Spain to the UK, we stopped in the VB factory (wanted to get a few things ) and the offered to let us have a good look around. Heres a few pics from the factory. The guy with the yellow trousers was using a very large grinding wheel to do the initial sharpen the head knives. There was a second room that I didn't get photos in, where others were finishing the tools. We also had a chance to watch the pricing irons being made (there all made by the same person for many many years, or that was what we were told.). Each tooth is individually hand cut and polished. Since then I have bought more tools from Asia, and there are very nice. Still watching a little old French man slowly making tools shows the passion these guys still have for hand made tools.
  3. Just wanted to add to this thread that I purchased some dye off Black Mountain Leather Tools and they arrived in 2 days. Great communication from Argo as well. (ok shipping shouldn't have been an issue as im just on the other side of a hill from him ), so would have actually been quicker to physically pick it up . Already eyeing up a few other things I want.
  4. Hi All, just wanted to post something. Have been lurking around for the last couple of months. Still very new to leather craft. Im about 2 months in. Here is one of my most recent collars. It was an experiment and its not too bad. The dye work is a bit poor on the coloured parts, especially the black marks ?(I have since got hold of some leather paint instead of using dye), so hopefully the next ones will be cleaner. Hand aged hardware, rabbit fur accent and padded. All hand stitched. As a total beginner I'm pretty happy with it.
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