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  1. Hello, I am in Tucson too and sent you a message.
  2. mcholbrook2810

    Osborne #84 skiver, Blanchard edgers

    Trying to get ahold of you for a shipping quote to the states. My email is
  3. Excuse my ignorance, but what is the filletuse used for?

    1. mcholbrook2810


      Disregard just looked them up on their site. How much is shipping to Tucson AZ in the US? Zip code 85737

  4. mcholbrook2810

    Leather Shop Items

    Hey! I would really like more info on what you have. Thank you!
  5. mcholbrook2810

    Jason System foil stamping machine

    I can’t find much information on this machine, can you provide any info?
  6. mcholbrook2810

    Nash Anonymous knife

    Sold, thank you!
  7. mcholbrook2810

    Nash Anonymous knife

    Hello I have this knife from Nash that I just don’t use and has been sitting on my bench. This knife has very little use on it. Open to offers or trades! Was looking to get $50 and I would ship it in the US
  8. mcholbrook2810

    Cowboy CB800 for sale

    Hi does this handle lock so you can pull with both hands? Thank you!
  9. mcholbrook2810

    Cow skin SALE priced

    Heyo! Do you know about the thickness of these pieces? Thank you
  10. mcholbrook2810

    Leather Shop Equipment for Sale in TN

    What are you Asking for the burnished? And can you give details about the hand tools? Thanks!
  11. Hi guys I have a few items for sale that I haven't been using much lately and would like them to go somewhere they would be used. The bk maul is 64oz and is used but in good condition. Asking $60 shipped The palosanto knife is very lightly used an in great shape. Asking $25 shipped Kevin Lee irons are 3mm 9 and 2 tooth diamond. I am asking $67 shipped.
  12. mcholbrook2810

    Cowboy 4500, 818 Cutter, Edger, Paintbox,ect

    Bump for a response...
  13. mcholbrook2810

    Cowboy 4500, 818 Cutter, Edger, Paintbox,ect

    Hey man I'm interested in your hand tools. Also the splitter if it's negotiable
  14. mcholbrook2810

    Kevin Lee 3mm pricking irons - $80

    The rules say "Post should contain picture or pictures of item when possible. " The email is the best I can do at the moment. Please allow me to comply to the best of my ability
  15. mcholbrook2810

    Kevin Lee 3mm pricking irons - $80

    I'll just email pics if someone asks