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  1. I apologize for the delay in getting these posted, been very busy with work. Here are both of the belts completed. I couldn't be happier with the results of the painting, amd im sure the kids will love them! Thank you for all the help!
  2. I am using acrylic brushes. Stiff bristles.
  3. AB, thank you! Grabbed the same palette today, and used your method. Paint stayed wet and usable even after 2-3hr break! The belts are turning out great, thank you again!
  4. First, thanksto all of you who took the time to post suggestions! I tried thefine tip markers anda paint brush tonight. The markers worked great on my scrap/test piece! Unfortunately, the color changed drastically when i tried it on the dyed belt. I then switched to a 10/0 brush and , as per the suggestion from ABH, reduced the paint. Worked fantastically! Here is a pic of where I'm at so far. I'll post more pics when the belts are completed. Thank you again to all of the great suggestions!
  5. Thank you all for the suggestions! I will try out a few this week and see how it goes. Ill be sure to post some pics of the outcome!
  6. I referenced in and earlier post about 2 belts im making for my children. As children tend to do, they want what they want, irrespective of Dad's ability (or inability) to preform the required tasks to make the thing! Both belts have stamping they want colored. One has butterflies and flower, one snowflakes. I have acrylic leather paint and tried very fine brushes on a scrap piece, it didnt go well. How would you tackle this? Could I use a solid "brush", like a rounded awl? The problem was, no matter how lightly I pressed, the paint still spilled out of the lines. I did not thin the paint, fyi. Thanks for any suggestions. Will
  7. Thanks guys. I went with 1/2" spacing on both belts (i was informed by my 4yo that he WILL be getting a belt for xmas too) and 7 holes. They are coming along nicely. I can say that 3/4" spacing would have been better, but i started on them before i saw your replies. I'll post pics when they are done.
  8. There is always someone who has to take a great tip and point out that the obvious solution was right in front of us the whole time! Lol. Seriously, cant believe I never thought of that!
  9. I should note that I go to the strop more frequently than I would if I use the stones every time, but it's a few seconds and back to work with a super sharp blade.
  10. Im new to leather work, but have been a handtool only woodworker for a few years now. I have a full compliment of hand planes, several sets of chisels, marking knives, ect. Creating and maintaining a very sharp edge is always on my mind. I have found the most efficient way, FOR ME, is diamond stones and a strop. I use a two sided stone (400/1000) to set my bevels and start to hone the edge. I then move to the strop untill the edge is fully pollished. After that, I only go back to the stones if I get a knick/chip in the edge, or to change a bevel angle. Other than those circumstances, I maintain the edge with just the strop. This has worked wonders for me by saving time and materials! As far as the burr created when sharpening, if your technique is good and the angle is consistent across the length, and no burr is being created, its probably due to the metal of the blade. Soft steel will burr up fast, but come off easily, sometimes with a fingernail when checking for the burr. Hard steel takes a while to burr and is harder to remove. Hope this helps someone.
  11. Thats a great tip! And I just so happen to have a beveler that needs sharpening! Thanks
  12. That is amazing! Very inspiring for a newbie to see where, with practice and patience, you can go with this craft! Thank you for the inspiration!
  13. I have made an 1 3/4 and an 1 1/2 belt so far. I have used the same spacing for the holes, buckle slot and snap placement on both. My daughter, who is 6, has asked for a belt for xmas. I am using lighter leather (4/5oz) and it will be 1" wide to fit in kid size pants. Im wondering how you guys would adjust size/spacing/placement of the holes. The two aforementioned belts are the extent of my leather crafting thus far, so any help is appreciated! Also, what size snaps would you recomend for a belt this size?
  14. Thanks for the info Mike. Might I ask what you line your holsters with?
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