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  1. Spect

    Lining Leather With Suede

    He must of never made it home from the holidays...
  2. Spect

    Letter Stamps

    BillB do you (or anyone else) have any details on the "custom holder" you use for holding and clamping the letterpress font for debossing into leather? I'm really struggling with that. I just got my first set of letterpress font. I used it tonight and definitely didn't conquer the learning curve... Lol. I practiced on some scrap, then attempted my work peice. I realized I either need 5 hands or I'm missing something. I was tapeing them together and trying to hold the taped together "stamp" with one hand and strike it with a soft hammer with my other... I ended up with my last name completely crooked across the front of my new wallet. The debossing imprint was decent but not perfect considering the crude method I used. I applied a little too much pressure but thats an easy fix for next time. I was looking online and found a type holder for a foil machine that "may" work. I think the machine was called a Kingsley. The font size I have is 18pt. And it mesures 1/4 inch. tall. Any tips or info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks