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  1. SeppoKaitainen

    Which leather burnishing machine to buy?

    KittenThrasher - how did you attach the burnisher to your old bench grinder?
  2. SeppoKaitainen

    Threading the needle

    That’s great, thank you. I had not seen piercing the needle into thread done twice. Have tried it with only a single pass and very good thread unravels quickly. Will give the second lock a shot.
  3. SeppoKaitainen

    Threading the needle

    Does anyone have step-by-step pictures of how you knot your thread when threading a needle for hand stitching? I am having trouble with my knots slipping undone as I stitch and would love to not have to re-tie several times. Thanks!
  4. SeppoKaitainen

    Taking care of your hands

    Thanks all. I’m glad to know I’m not entirely crazy and not the only one who’s had to deal with this. Really appreciate all the solutions!
  5. SeppoKaitainen

    Taking care of your hands

    Silly new guy question here - Can anyone share ideas to keep from cutting up the skin on the first knuckle of my pinky finger when I pull thread through stitching? Am I pulling too tight? Is it the angle I hold my hands? Should I wear something on my finger or hands?