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  1. bit tricky to measure but this!? yes I am slowly working through what I can find online but its my first machine so still getting used to the terminology
  2. I have adjusted the reverse as per this thread,both identical now thanks
  3. ok,so on paper 10 stitches gives me 62mm so I guess thats actually ok however reverse gives me 52mm so that needs correcting..Im only sewing thin automotive leather at the moment with 68 thread.
  4. Hi all,still getting to grips with my Seiko LSW-8BL..from what I can find online the max stitch length should be 6.2mm however I can only get 5mm,what can I check to see if this is correct? thanks
  5. hi everyone,new here I just installed the ho hsing G60 servo with needle sync on my seiko and thought I would share a couple of install pics and a video to help others. The bolts supplied with the synchronizer dont fit but I was able to find something suitable easily enough,I then drilled through the belt cover to mount the support bar. I also had to get a shorter belt,around 970mm should work. I am immensely impressed with the setup,set to the slowest speed it is amazing and the needle synch works perfectly,my only tiny criticism is there is no output for a light but gives me an excuse to upgrade to decent LED lighting I guess I would thoroughly recommend this kit. vid-
  6. thanks,well its 3 steps really-a row of stitches are sewed onto each edge of the leather then its bonded to the wheel then the final step is to hand lace thru the machine stitches to finish.
  7. Hi all,Stewart from the Uk here,finally registered after my last 1 million google searches ended up here Up until now my main hobby has been carbon fibre,been dabbling with it for about 15 years and thats how I ended up here...you see I got bored of telling people I couldnt do carbon steering wheels so I looked into it and realized the carbon bit was no different to what I already did but it seems most people who do that dont offer to reupholster the leather on the wheel..how hard can it be i figured,so obviously I needed a sewing machine.. I bought an old singer 99k and it just about did the job but I tend to get frustrated quickly by tools that limit me so after many hours researching walking foot machines I finally picked up a seiko LSW-8BL for what I felt was a good price,£250, and have spent the last week getting to grips with it and understanding the mechanics of it,my day job is repairing industrial frying/packaging machines so am fairly comfortable with this. Turns out the clutch motor is just too crazy for me despite a a few tweaks,longer control arm,it already has a 50mm pulley so I now have a G60 servo and needle positioner on the way lol So i completed my first wheel and new leather using Cechaflo's incredibly useful vidoes,came out great and am just about to start 3 more but will be using the seiko as the singer stitch length was just too short. I have many questions but am slowly answering them myself with the search,so much info on here im sure they have all been asked before.. Now that have the machine im looking at other options I can use it for,im enjoying working with leather and finding it far less stressful than carbon lol. A few pics,thanks all
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