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  1. looks good. I've been avoiding putting a liner on a rifle sling because too much to hand I feel lazy
  2. Mark3031

    Suggested tools for holster and belt making?

    this will help too. It has good advice to help with your first one. it actually has a list of needed tools/supplies
  3. Mark3031

    Is this a good starter kit?

    I didn't see any stamping tools either. not sure if you want to put any tooling on your projects. this may sound weird, but do you have a Hobby Lobby or Michaels over there? they sell a few small projects. Making one of them will give you an idea of what you need. they also have scrap leather and some tools
  4. looks nice. bet that lanyard took as long to make as the rest of the wallet is that circle with initials your makers mark?
  5. Are those your personal holsters? I was just wondering how comfortable they are to wear. they do look really good though
  6. Mark3031

    How did they do this technique? I want to duplicate it!

    agreed. looks like a smooth pear shader
  7. thanks. my son wants me to make a holster for his 44 mag and I've been researching a lot before I start
  8. is this tutorial still available? I keep getting an error
  9. Mark3031

    This MUST be a Joke!! ...Nope!

    everything causes cancer in California. You should be safe everywhere else
  10. Mark3031

    Suggest a first project for a beginner

    yeah I got mine from a counter top installer too. it was on the floor but the guy said it was discontinued and he couldn't sell that design. told me to just take it. its about 12x24 inches
  11. Mark3031

    Banjo Straps

    What thickness/ounce do you guys use for banjo straps? is there a industry spec so the straps fit under the bars? I read a bunch of posts and the earlier post states to use 6 oz but the later posts mention 8 oz. Does this reflect different ways of connecting the straps? i did make 1 before, but the ends were too thick to fit under the bars so we had to take the banjo apart. I do want to sell a couple so i can replenish my leather stock, so I want to get it correct for the customers. I do not have a banjo, but my brother does if I just need to " trial and error."
  12. Mark3031

    New from West Virginia

    here are a couple things I've done this is a banjo strap and the first thing I did after the Tandy kit I needed a sheath for my hunting knife so I made this. it has hidden agenda too. i eventually want to make a holster of this style. so I practiced with this my little brother wanted a holder for his leatherman so i made this. one issue i had was molding after I stamped it. It lost a lot of the details
  13. Mark3031

    New from West Virginia

    I've been reading post for a couple weeks so I decided to introduce myself. I moved to West Virginia about 3 years ago. I've been messing around with leather for about a year as a hobby. started with a Tandy starter kit. My projects are only what people need at the time. its amazing how many friends mysteriously need knife sheaths when they find out you can make them. I've also made a banjo strap for my brother, a couple bracelets for gifts and a gun strap. If I'm not making a leather project then I'm usually hunting, fishing and working in the garden This time of year is my slow outdoor time so that's why I started leather. I've seen a couple post that mention repetition projects to practice. not sure how to do that since I've only repeated the same project once. I like to figure out different ways to make something, so even my sheaths are all made differently. I have been talking about selling some things just to replenish my supplies (maybe a guitar strap). I like this as a hobby and if I turn it into a business I may lose the "fun" factor, so I need to find a happy medium. My biggest problem is that i can't cut a straight line if my life depended on it. another issue is that I don't have power tools to assist in drilling holes, sewing or sanding. my projects look good to my friends but i really see my mistakes. This site has been helping with several issues I've been running into. i don't talk much so I may not post often, but I do read a lot of the post.