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  1. Rbarleatherworks

    Landis 5 in 1

    Hi all, I am wondering if anyone could tell me where I can get a new cutting wheel for my Landis 5 in 1? Its missing a few teeth... lol! Not use is this is something I can just get a hardware store of do I need to go to the company itself? Thanks, Regan ps... I'm in Canada
  2. Rbarleatherworks

    Finally done! Carved dog collar

    Love that collar, I am just about to make one and have been looking for inspiration .... Thanks
  3. Rbarleatherworks

    Limited slip lead/martingale collar

    Thank you very much for your reply. That really helps. I have had two border collie crosses and they fit my life perfectly, they could turn it on when needed and shut it down when asked. I don't think I would ever have a purebred, they seem to intense for me. My last girl was crossed with a Retriever and she was just the best. I saw a batch of pups for sale that were Border Collie x Kelpie but wasn't sure of their temperament. I horseback ride and hike some and think about trying agility. But mostly they would be my best bud
  4. Rbarleatherworks

    Cleaning Nubuck

    I'm sorry but I cant help, although I am interested in what you find out so will follow. :-)
  5. Rbarleatherworks

    Limited slip lead/martingale collar

    I have been looking for another best little friend, i had to say good-bye to mine in January . Can you tell me what Kelpie's are like? I see some mixes with Kelpie in them but don't know the breed at all.
  6. Rbarleatherworks

    Limited slip lead/martingale collar

    awwww ... that is one happy dappy dog
  7. Rbarleatherworks

    Limited slip lead/martingale collar

    I am curious ... What do you compete in with your Kelpie's?
  8. Rbarleatherworks

    Is this a Saddle tree or "mold"

    I googled "old Japanese Saddle" and similar looking saddles come up
  9. Rbarleatherworks

    Another custom breastplate finished

    Looks great.... I knew exactly what it was gonna be .... lol
  10. Rbarleatherworks

    Mold or Wax

    Yes ... Thanks GDH ... You are right, that is exactly what it was and a hair dryer with medium heat fixed it right up
  11. Rbarleatherworks

    Limited slip lead/martingale collar

    Love it ... and it looks comfortable too
  12. Rbarleatherworks

    Frog and lotus

    That's just amazing
  13. Rbarleatherworks


    That is very nice It looks lightweight with that rounded skirt, I usually ride in a barrel saddle which are quite light, I have a hard time lifting some of those heavy roping saddles waaaay up there!
  14. Rbarleatherworks

    Leatherwork newbie looking for lace source to start braiding.

    I went to the Prescott Trade Show this spring and met a lady there named Linda Brown AKA 'Knotty Linda' and she sells Lace. Try www.knottylinda.com
  15. Rbarleatherworks

    Knife Sheath Template

    Amazing... absolutely beautiful ... Love the Blue one :-) Curious how do you attach the leather to the Silver?