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  1. Rbarleatherworks

    Wet form

    Soooo Cool
  2. Rbarleatherworks

    Stradling the Fence

    wow....that is beautiful, well done
  3. Rbarleatherworks

    Finished Sheath for Customer!

    Very nice, the deer looks quilted...
  4. Rbarleatherworks

    how to identify old singers

    lol ... good one!
  5. Rbarleatherworks

    Made with honor.

    Wow ... that is beautiful... thanks for sharing !!!
  6. Rbarleatherworks

    Southwest Trade Show 2019

    Yayyyy ... another wide eyed leather worker Looking forward to meeting you. 6'7" .... hard to miss ! Regan
  7. Wow.... Thank you soooo much for sharing your process, I personally haven't done much with color other than to paint a few letters on key chains... you have inspired me !!! And those skulls are sooo cute
  8. Wow... Love that bag...Awesome work Question though.... What paint did you use? That white is amazing against the black and with the other colors! And what it the bag made from? And how did you finish it? Tell us all ... lol
  9. Rbarleatherworks

    PRESCOTT WORKSHOPS - by Bobby Park

    Hi there I am planning on taking a couple of those classes.... see you there :-) Regan
  10. Rbarleatherworks

    Southwest Trade Show 2019

    Well.... I just booked my Flight and Rental Car Since I have not won the lottery ...yet.... Still hoping I might find a roommate to share the room cost. I will be arriving in phoenix at about 6pm, renting a car and driving to Prescott on Feb 26th. I am looking forward to the show and meeting many fellow Leather Workers Regan
  11. Rbarleatherworks

    Messenger bag build

    Thank you so much Koreric75 I appreciate the time you took to share that information with me
  12. Rbarleatherworks

    Messenger bag build

    Ahhhhhh ... awesome thanks Battlemunky ... it all makes sense now
  13. Rbarleatherworks

    Messenger bag build

    Wow.. that is a great bag, looks really good. I have a couple questions though, I have never made a bag before but would like to try one day. 1. Why did you not want to glue it ? 2. What does 'pull up' mean ? (I have seen this in previous posts but not sure what it means) Thanks for your time
  14. Rbarleatherworks

    Passing of Pets

    Thanks so much Tom for you suggestions, the pain I am feeling is almost unbearable but I know it will get better, each day seems to be. I will get another but not for a while, still need some time. It took me 2 years when my last dog passed to even think about getting another and then I got Bailey and I just cant even imagine my last 13 years without her love.
  15. Rbarleatherworks

    Passing of Pets

    I am very sorry for your loss... this is absolutely the worst experience of my life How would you use resin to make a charm .. Ive never used resin for anything before. Is that how they make those globes and such on ETSY under Dog Hair Keepsakes? No worries .. thanks so much Tom