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  1. Simply Beautiful ... Thanks for sharing with us
  2. Absolutely Beautiful May I ask how you did the Letters? R-
  3. Wow that is beautiful and genius... are those bleed knots for the petals? How the heck did you do that? R-
  4. I just finished up an ATV seat, I think it turned out quite well
  5. Ok... thanks again for the information... I think I will try the Gorilla (I prefer to buy locally) but will definitely practice on a few pieces before I commit. If it doesn't work I guess Amazon it is Thanks again for the knowledge shared ... Love this page
  6. hmmmmmm .... actually it looks like I'm not able to get the 3M90 but I did find 3M77 or Gorilla Spray .... any ideas which would be the better option? TIA R-
  7. Thanks so much guys, I am not sure I can find Copydex locally but will try the 3M90 .... Thanks again R-
  8. Hi all, Does anyone have any experience in gluing Foam together and what adhesive would be the best? I'm working on a motorcycle seat and some of the foam needs to be replaced. TIA Regan
  9. Beautiful job Randy ... Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours
  10. Thank you kgg ... I will have a look there R-
  11. Hi all, Does anyone know where I might be able to find these Needles? Thank you
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