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  1. I cant help you with your question but have you tried looking up some posts in the Shoe & Boot section? ... Maybe direct message someone who has posted there that has knowledge on this subject. I hope you find your answers
  2. Rbarleatherworks


    Wowwww ! beautiful work What did you use to stitch all that?
  3. Wowzers ... Beautiful work and now what will you do with it?
  4. I think most things can be sharpened but you just need to get creative on how to do it. I have taken a thick thread and rubbed jewelers rouge on then fed it through those small holes and pull through to do some sharpening. Just a thought
  5. Welcome from Kamloops Let me know if you need anything ... Enjoy !!! Regan
  6. May I ask where a person could get a pattern for these ... Love that Look ... must make some !!!!!!!!
  7. I'm sure this is the dumbest question ... but how do you get the printing on there?
  8. I love that ... and I love those bells! May I ask where you got them from? I have been wanting to make exactly that but haven't found any nice bells like those. And How did you end up attaching them?
  9. Google Knotty Linda ... she sell lace
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