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  1. Good Morning Beautiful work I have a question ... does anyone know the reason that the clamp comes out of the seat on that angle? I have one but it comes up straight. I don't use it much but when I do I think it works just fine so curious as to why this one is on an angle. Thanks for sharing
  2. Love it, great idea ... I made a bag for treats for myself and I have to say it comes in very handy but I am always feeling like I need more bags or places to put things.!!
  3. This is their Website LatigoAmigo http://www.beaconhillbraidedleatherleads.com/ give that a try
  4. I cant help you with your question but have you tried looking up some posts in the Shoe & Boot section? ... Maybe direct message someone who has posted there that has knowledge on this subject. I hope you find your answers
  5. Rbarleatherworks


    Wowwww ! beautiful work What did you use to stitch all that?
  6. Wowzers ... Beautiful work and now what will you do with it?
  7. I think most things can be sharpened but you just need to get creative on how to do it. I have taken a thick thread and rubbed jewelers rouge on then fed it through those small holes and pull through to do some sharpening. Just a thought
  8. Welcome from Kamloops Let me know if you need anything ... Enjoy !!! Regan
  9. May I ask where a person could get a pattern for these ... Love that Look ... must make some !!!!!!!!
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