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  1. ensitmike

    Identification and estimate

    Interesting. I don’t think I have a use for something like that so I might let someone else enjoy it. cool machine though. I love the old union specials. thanks @Silky
  2. Does anyone know what model this machine is and what it’s used for. Also about how much it’s worth? My buddy found it at his grandfathers place and said I have first choice if I want it.
  3. ensitmike

    SInger 16-188 table conservation

    Hey lee. Great find and fun project. I am a huge advocate of saving as much of the patina as possible. I would thoroughly clean the top, then hit it with a light sanding, and finally a topcoat of your choice. Taking it down to clean wood is nice for some but I think the age and story is what makes these machines so cool. As for the splitting wood (hard to see in photos) that kind of thing drives me crazy. Personally I would get one of my industrial syringes and inject some Titebond and clamp it. I've seen guys use CA as well. The important part is definitely the clamping. Do all this before the sanding and top coat of course.
  4. Wow @jimi very cool! Going to finish watching it now.
  5. I was inspired by some of the photos (like the one below) in the "One off table for the Singer Freaks!!!' post. It would be great to see what else you guys got in terms of photos, documents, or anything else that is just cool!
  6. ensitmike

    Husqvarna 12 705

    Sheila, it is likely a different brand. This is Husqvarna as in http://www.husqvarnaviking.com. Viking, I believe, was their North American branding because it was a much more synonymous and recognizable cultural branding for a non-european market. I don't believe it was a 3rd party rebrand because it still has a Husqvarna name plate on it and they carry the Viking branding to this day. If you don't know Husqvarna they are actually a great company with a very diverse product history. Their current motorcycle is actually famous, as are their chainsaws.
  7. ensitmike

    Husqvarna 12 705

    I have it's sibling, the 33-10. For some markets these are called Vikings. They and incredibly built machines. Fun fact, the original manuals state that they are industrials, albeit lightweight. I would put them on par with the domestic Singers of the time but they are built slightly more robust with fantastic gear boxes and so on. A nice buy at the price. I scored mine for $9.99 at a thrift store. The great thing is most people (including the people pricing them) have no idea what they are because they are surprisingly rare (especially in the states).
  8. ensitmike

    Consew RB-5 skipping stitches

    In addition to timing, check the hook spacing. If your machine wasn't setup for such large needles, chances are that spacing is completely off.
  9. ensitmike

    building binder

    What level fabrication skills do you have?
  10. ensitmike

    Tippmann Boss Hand Stitcher Grease

    That's just a trademarked name for PTFE (teflon)
  11. ensitmike

    Tippmann Boss Hand Stitcher Grease

    This is the stuff I mentioned. Likely the same stuff. Also comes in tubes. https://www.amazon.com/Super-Lube-41160-Synthetic-Translucent/dp/B0083R1FME/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=super+lube&qid=1587340226&sr=8-3
  12. ensitmike

    Tippmann Boss Hand Stitcher Grease

    Exactly the same! Nice example. The big irony is that sewing machine culture gathered around Tri-Flow.... a bike lube, HA! Nothing wrong with the brand, but funny none the less.
  13. ensitmike

    Tippmann Boss Hand Stitcher Grease

    Likely for the same reason people swear by sewing machine oil... 1. Don't understand lubricants 2. Marketing and Wives-tales That said, clear oil has some benefits. Grease doesn't have the same problem of dripping down the presser foot though.
  14. ensitmike

    Tippmann Boss Hand Stitcher Grease

    I use Super Lube NLGI 2.