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  1. I've been looking for the fiebing's Leather Balm with atom wax in black and have not been able to find it anywhere. I did come across zack's black leather balm with atom wax on zack white leather. Had anyone ever used this? Thanks, Zonker
  2. Zonker1972

    Sharpening with a Tormek

    thanks ferg. i was hoping that there was a jig i could use but i guess free hand it is zonker
  3. Zonker1972

    Sharpening with a Tormek

    I recently purchased a lot at an estate sale that has a couple of swivel knifes that need some help. I thought that I would use my Tormek to sharpen the blades, they need a bit more help than a strop can give, but I can't figure out which jig to use. I tired the SVS-32, the SVS-50 and even the tool rest SVD-110 but none of them hold the tool or the blade in a manner that I feel confident using. Any help is appreciated. Zonker
  4. Zonker1972

    Very New... with Questions :)

    Hello all, I have just started looking into doing some leather work, mostly tooling. I am from Denver and love to work with my hands: wood working, metal working, airbrushing and working on both cars and motorcycles. I do have a quick question. While looking into leather work i came across a post, on this site, stating that when looking to buy a swivel knife, you should really hold the knife because they are very personal. I understand this comment fully. I had the same need to hold various airbrushes when i started that hobby. In fact i bought an Iwata airbrush and had to see it because i didn't like the way it felt in my hand. Now my question is, are there any places around Denver besides Tandy leather where i could touch and cut with various swivel knives? I don't believe that Tandy would have any other swivel knife manufacturers swivel knives like henley, barry king, leather wranglers or bob beard. Is that true or do they actually have other knives besides craftool? thanks from a real beginner, Zonker
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    Patriotic bib

    that looks really nice. what thickness of leather did you use? is it veg tan or something else? zonker
  6. Zonker1972

    Very New... with Questions :)

    thank you to everyone who replied to this tread. I will be dropping into Tandy this weekend and trying a few knives. zonker